Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Fresh Juxtaposition Hell 7-19-2011

Ok, oK Ok, let's just pretend that the guy playing the guitar does not vote Republican
and the BOY on the Banjo does not vote Democratic.
Let's just say.

well?, did you stay 'till the end of the movie??
Wonder what happens to the city slickers.


  1. What happens to the city slickers? The same thing that's been happening to us non-millionaire types. Only we don't get a catchy soundtrack.

  2. Are you saying Boner is going to deliver us? Or, are you saying we should PLAY for deliverance? Or, are you saying we are al.

  3. intelli...thanks for the heads up.
    jaded...your assessment is right on, bro. Speaking of Asses, well you connect the dots, but if you drop the soap, don't pick it up!

  4. That is Lyle Lovett playing the banjo and the other guy who took most of the pictures...well he should be left behind when they build the dam in one of the abandoned shacks or better yet just let me hear him squeal like a piggy....oh that's right he does that every day when his tea party friends get his knickers down.

  5. hmmm; i never realized how appropriate an analogy deliverance was ... now that i see how you-- and the usual commenting suspects-- have put this together, i applaud you mightily. perhaps the tune might also set the pace for the penetrating interactions that invariably follow dropping the soap...

  6. the walkin' man...he does bear a slight resemblance to a young Lyle L. The worry about Boner is he is beginning to like showing his ass.
    Harlequin...thank you for your praise, Bonehead does brag about being a young boy working in a bar as a minor. Maybe that is were the abuse began. I just wish he would stop trying to fuck
    my grandson.


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