Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Fresh Hell God's Song 2011

Here is a novel
thought about a way
Religion could function:

By a founder of Unitarian-Universalist

the method in religion,
in place of authority;

In spirit in religion,
In place of Sectarianism;

The test in religion,
In place of Ritual or Creed;

Service, or Salvation of Others,
The aim in religion,
In place of salvation of self.

Think about the Senators, voted in:

Something for the easily bored.
(folks after my own heart)


  1. Confucious said it, and it would sum this up, wouldn't it...
    "never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself."

  2. JadedJ...Well stated. A person can be good, kind, and loving without attending any chuch. A person may be evil and attend church at every chance. It is the person and their view of life that matters.
    Hell, I sound like a preacher. Damn.

  3. Mr. Chuck...the path to the watering hole? Uncannily?
    Character, over Creed?

  4. UU is the only "mainstream" church I can somewhat tolerate, but the local fellowship is awfully wish-washy. And their music isn't too great, either.

  5. Watering hole? You mean like, you can lead a whore-to-culture but you can't make her think?

  6. nice set of premises for thought, word, and, especially, deed.
    and i suppose the deeds are the visible sign since talk, as ever, is cheap.

    thoughtful stuff and, as usual, a fine and thought-provoking round of comments

  7. Intelli…I know what you mean. My experience with UU is a bit more limited. As a young man, just out of Architecture school, I worked on the Jax.,Fla. UU building that was going up at this time. Great people and lots to learn. The sanctuary space is still one of the best in Jax.
    But. Yeah I hate that part too.
    The music did leave much to desire, well except when the real players came to church. Some real pickers in the congregation, but mostly they sang from a love for music.
    Although I was a young man (as I stated earlier) the women mostly seemed horny.
    A great church for horny young people and insomniacs.

    Mr. Chuck…”One may lead a horse to water, but cannot make him an Ass.”

    Harlequin…Thank you for your comments.
    That talk is cheap part is very true, why even here on this blog we have Mr. Chuck holding up the cheap talk end of the bargain. (thanks chuckO)
    And you are correct in that there are always thought provoking comments.
    (oh, just don’t provoke, Mr. chuckO, when he is leading fish to water, he’ll fry ya’)

    JadedJ, Inelliwench, and Harlequin - Happy New Year and may you have the best of all you need this coming year.
    Thank you for your comments this past year. You make me feel like there are folks out ‘there’ who understand.
    I have the feeling I left someone out. Who??? I think it has to do with water. Damn? What? Oh well. Thanks again to all.
    Oh Yeah, the walking man, has not commented. Happy New Year WM.

  8. Damn, son...there is hope for you.

  9. JadedJ...Thank you father for I have sinned.

  10. Should that not be a capital "ef"?


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