Monday, January 10, 2011

Nuff said - Sarah Palin CrossHairs.

I just looked at Sarah's cross Hairs.

Still ticking.

Her Facebook page.


  1. PEN...yeah, sick comes to my mind. We are in bad time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I've been having useless arguments over her lack of propriety, for want of a more polite term. I've decided that those who love her are irrational, and they could see her shoot their loved ones in the head and they would still defend her.

  3. Horseshit comes from the mouths of charlatans. I seriously do not give a fuck what this woman has to say...she is a charlatan...she knows it...we know what is the point of even acknowledging her existence? FUCK HER, AND THE MOOSE SHE RODE IN ON.

    This is my learned opinion, mind you.

  4. Too late Jaded, she's already, as we say here, fucked in the head.

  5. I have made myself clear on her ilk and her disgusting loath filled herd of followers who will find a way to keep the drive to Christianize and arm the "militia" regardless of what knowledge and truth speak too.

    The problem with an uncontrolled brush fire is that it destroys the living trees in the forest without regard for the time and place they have there.

    This is not the America i put the uniform on for and it is not the America of any generation that came before us. History has no complete model for this. Bit, pieces yes. But no full model and now that the ship has finally moved off the charted map and into the section that says "Here be dragons" all i can say is speak with calm clarity in tha face of rage and you will be safe.

  6. Just trying to re-orient myself since my axis is apparently wobbly these days.

  7. To all:
    Too much going on.
    I did not mean to slight ya’ll.
    I have a day job, where I try to keep the peace. (Scouts honor)

    Susan…you are too close to the mark. Shooting her Young. (but others see that as a reward)
    I would suggest, keeping your head down. (yo, like a pun is in somewhere?)

    JadedJ… HORSE????? SHIT??????
    What? This site?????
    HIT?? S
    LEARNED???? O Pinion
    NeverMIND YOU???
    Hey I could be wrong.

    Doug… (ahem) tuck and run.

    The walking man…Yes.
    Sir. A
    At your command,

    PENo… not a bad Idea.

    Thanks to all for commenting in these times.

    for the slow?
    Please read the comment before reading the reply?

  8. her kind of arrogant and oblivious stupidity is just frightening.

  9. Harlequin...So very true. My daughter looked up to her in the last election, VP and all that. I told my daughter that she, my daughter, at that moment in time, was better able to be the vice president of the United States, than that woman. We were in the phone, I heard her pause and then say ‘really’.
    My daughter is my personal hope for the next generation. I pray she might have understood me that day.
    There are very few that can see, and understand, the sadness that comes from knowing, what might really be happening.


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