Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ira Hayes In Memoriam - Nuff Said

It is going on this very day.

Soldiers dying
for lying
old white men.

I just have to turn my head
to not show my shame
in my political leaders.

Where the fuck are you?
Lame ass son of god.
 Bastard by my reckoning.

of course I could be wrong.


  1. Could be wrong? Better hope you're not blasphemer! Boy, you going to hell in a hand basket. Fact, you ain't even gonna have a basket.

    But I agree with you.

  2. Who gives a shit about God or Jesus? Not me, but I just got home from the Toucan...

    That version is even more haunting than Johnny Cash's.

    I'll shut up now. Have a good night, Punch.

  3. quite powerful stuff, here.
    and necessary; thanks

  4. Shit most folk over the age of 70 would never know who Ira Hayes was or how we fucked his people and him and 99% would just say he was a drunk. Sell them war bonds Ira old son and forget the rest.

    Hayes is buried in Section 34, Grave 479A at Arlington National Cemetery. At the funeral, fellow flag-raiser Rene Gagnon said of him: "Let's say he had a little dream in his heart that someday the Indian would be like the white man — be able to walk all over the United States."

    There is nothing there to explain his role at Iwo Jima. Just a simple military marker.

    I guess Joe Louis did more for the republic because he too is buried at Arlington but as a Tech 1 Sergeant deserved a more honored place.

  5. Really good Punch. Jesus is probably done with us and all he left us is ass deep in born again fanatics.

  6. First off let me apologize for taking so long to comment. I got caught up in the hoopla of the past weekend.

    Mr. Charleston…I have settled into that hell bucket for good. Thanks for the company.
    JadedJ…thank you for the support, but I’m not too sure about where this all leads.
    Doug…good place to be, not giving a shit and all. Towns was a special talent. He is missed.
    Harlequin…we are still turning the out the old fashion way, one soldier at a time.
    Walkin’ man…thank you for the insight and details of Ira Hayes burial site.
    Susan…Yes you are correct.
    I think of a Pete Seeger song that has a line
    “we were waist deep in the big muddy and the damn fool said press on”


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