Monday, January 24, 2011

'Nuff Said - Al Jolson ca. 1927



  1. Interesting character, Al Jolson. A rock star before there were rock stars. A Jewish republican who fought for relentlessly Black American rights. Interesting character, Al jolson.

  2. Interesting character, Al Jolson. Today he'd last about thirty seconds.

  3. Walkin’ Man…you are very close to the mark.

    Mr. Charleston…This is not about Al Jolson. It is about current politics.

    JadedJ…Al Jolson was a Jewish white man doing a black routine.
    The characters Amos Jones and Andy Brown were fictions of Atlanta Ga. Negros, written and played by white men on the radio. Coming from Georgia most likely they were protestant. (Amos ‘n Andy, the writers and voices were from Durham, N.C. also protestant.)

    To any other’s that may comment, and please do, try to see Al Jolson singing to the American Congress tonight.
    Ya know, with everybody holding hands and wiping tears from their eyes.

    Just Sayin’.

  4. Funny, Punch - wish I'd read this so I could've pictured Al delivering the SOTU. That's perfect.

  5. Intelli…when I read your comment, it made me smile. You seem to be the one that gets it.
    Again you get an A+, with Friday off.
    Walkin’ man get’s an A, with time off for good behavior.
    JadedJ gets a B+ for his thesis comparing and contrasting the different times and media in regards to blackface.
    Mr. Charleston get’s a D for handing in his homework with a – (minus) for not paying attention in class.


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