Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Fresh Hell - HTC - EVO

I might just have to get one of these HTC-EVO things.
Nah, has to have Sprint. 
I had them once and had to stand in mhy fucking yard to pick up the signal.
I called and they (after several different answers, good, bad, ugly) they said that was the signal I was gonna get till the phone was popular enough for them to put a tower in my area.  Great.
I use Verizon.
What a rip off.


  1. Hello, hello... can you hear me now?

  2. Both of these fuckers are simply IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

    They make me want to bludgeon someone...with an iphone.

    Personally I am switching to a mePhone. Fuck em!

  3. my spouse has "arranged " for me to receive a device called the "htc desire"... some kind of package deal with his new smart iphone.
    i'm planning to launch it with a crash from a bottle of champagne.... i'll let you know how that works out.

  4. There really is no hope for the species, is there?

    I still think Nokia rocks.

  5. Mr. Charlie…Yes we can hear you. Now say something worth hearing.
    JadedJ…I like your attention to details, but you do realize they are cartoon drawings? If one must bludgeon someone please do it for a real live person. If you are interested in people that might piss you off, I would recommend the Fux Gnews Networt.
    Harlequin…please do. Sooner or later I have to step up the next generation. I just figured out the ‘Who’s Next’ is the old boss. Silly me I thought the new boss would be different.
    Intelli…Spot on. Yet you and Harlequin offer hope in the face of Mr. Jaded Charlie J.

    Peace and love and light and please keep those cards and letters coming in. We here in the back ally of prayer read each and every one on them. They are kept in a dry place until the next cold night when they are burned for the warmth of the believers.
    Thank ya, Thank ya very much.


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