Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Fresh Hell George Jones

This is just for the free spirits out there.


  1. I have to admit, I had no idea who George Jones was. But, I will say, he looks a whole hellofa lot like several hard-shell evangelical preachers, my grandparents dragged me to hear, when I was a kid. I can't get beyond it. It sends shivers down my vertebrae and stops at my buttocks.

  2. Oh, and I drink to free spirits. Skoal!

  3. Drinking spirits, and lots of it, was something ole George excelled at. Can't say I was ever a big fan, but you knew who he was when you heard him on the radio.

  4. Genueyene country before it got invaded by pop. Liked it.

  5. I'm still recovering from the shock that jj didn't know who George is...even I know who he is, and I grew up in a house where only classical, jazz, or broadway show tunes were allowed to be played on the turntable! Then again, I didn't get dragged around to hear preachers, either, so I suppose I did get the better deal.

  6. JadedJ…Hard-shell evangelicals get most of their motivation from people like George. Hell, he and Merle are perhaps most responsible for 50% of the expansion of the George Dickel Distillery in the mid-seventies.
    Here’s to free spirits. Salud

    Mr. Charleston…a distinctive voice is something to be proud of, fans come and go.

    The walking man…well spoken. He was country even after country was no longer cool.

    Intelli…you are spot on re: JJ. I guess living in the country heartland can insulate one from the heart of country.
    From the raisin’ you describe I reckon that when a voice like George’s came along you would sit up and take notice. He is a long way from Cleo Laine, Paul Robeson or Kate Smith.

  7. i remember george jones, and his voice was distinctive, but i always thought there was something creepy about the way he looked.
    btw, i liked the romp on your zodiac post a few back... well done!!

  8. Harlequin...yeah he did look sorta creepy, but then Tammy Wynette married him and I said to myself, he's doing something right.
    To his writer, she really was the First Lady of Country Music.


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