Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo of the Moment 1/28/11

I have the pleasure of being in an exhibition in Jacksonville, about hearts for
Valentine's Day. 
I have had a great time thinking about hearts. 
I highly recommend such action.


  1. Got to have one to think about it. There is no proof in my case.

  2. I would beg to differ.
    I might not be able to prove it, but you have many layers of heart. I think some people might call that faith based.
    Maybe I'll title this one "Mark"

  3. Neat! Will there be photos shared for those of us who can't attend?

  4. So it turns out that you do have a heart...hearts...and faith. Hmmmmmmm. Very interesting.

  5. Intelli…Yes mame (just how does one spell May uhmmamm. Mayammm?)
    but I digress.
    I will post photos from the show.
    It will be sorta lame by some standards. I was soooo caught up in my moment that I did not photo graph the work of others.
    Ego is such a mistress,
    but when she gets’s you home,
    yes mame
    (there it is again) jump back.

    But for you, Intelli, I’ll try to work it out showing the hearts and all.
    (This is a good point to suspend expectations, and all.)
    And again.
    Thanks for askin’

    JadedJ…thanks for seeing, and yes I do have several hearts, hell I even have a couple of them stomped flat, but all in all, they look rather ok on a tanning board.
    And better yet in the shadow box.

    Ps: can you spell yes mame???
    BTW… Faith, she kept the baby.

  6. nice post-- and a timely reminder. as for this throng of commenters, you all have more heart than most folks i know.

  7. always so very kind. Thanks for the warmth on a winters day.


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