Friday, February 4, 2011

What Fresh Hell - Lewis Black on Democrats

There is a special place for people who speak their mind.  Louis is one of the best. George Carlin, Richard Prior and Sam Kinison all taught this man humor.

I guess they're tough jokes. But there's lots of things you either laugh or cry at. And you just can't cry.
Sam Kinison


  1. Now i have to fall to my knees again just like i did at termites of sin to pray to god that he doesn't fuck you up for this.

  2. Thanks for the prayers Mr. Walking Man. Perhaps I should suggest you walk a few steps ahead or behind, just to be sure.

    Mr. Charleston...sometime you just have to let it out.

  3. Here's the good news, bro...if the man strikes you down, you'll at least be in a place where you can discuss these things with Carlin, Prior, Kinison and Black. I'll join you.

  4. JadedJ…thanks for the good thoughts. Some say haven is where the family values are, maybe in Chicago, but not down here in the south. Haven? Hell, son that is where God walks around and chuckles at the overhead conversations. Maybe even throwin’ down a bet on the outcome.

    Intelli…I am always overwhelmed by your grasp of the English language, and ability to express the same.

    Harlequin…Laughter truly is the best medicine; it is what separates us from them. (I really dislike the ‘us/them’ syndrome, but sometimes one just has to just say no.)


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