Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Fresh Hell Lewis Black on President R. Reagan. 2-2011

Ok, ok, I just have to say that, this here love fest for the dead Ronald Reagan is just about to make me gag.  
So in an effort of health prevention I offer this antidote, provided by Lewis Black.  
The healing begins around the 4 minute mark, and he is right, right on.  But, hey that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.  
He did make me laugh. 
For the record Ronnie Boy supported Joe McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee. Therefore he kept on working with the Hollywood whores, while the men were in the unemployed lines.
Seems it served him well. 
Hell He could come back from the dead.  
Just like Jesus? Or was it Lazarus.
I forget.


  1. I gues if we had universal health care, more folks could get their eyes checked and see Ronnie's "legacy" for what it really was:

  2. Here's the good news...he's still dead (I am trying to stay on the side of positive this year).

  3. Oh no, he's not dead. He is risen and lives on as the titular head of the teabaggers, a snow-bitch whose name shall go unmentioned because I can't bring myself to hear, read, and certainly not type her name again.

  4. Let them invoke their dead hero, go on about his wonder and awe. It may keep them out of my business a day or two longer.

  5. loved the " he's still dead " comment; sublime. somethings should continue to make one gag... this " celebration " certainly qualifies!


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