Monday, February 21, 2011

Hopi Legends 2011


  1. This might be the first film I've ever seen sub-captioned in Spanish and... Dutch?? The message is timeless.

  2. I love this video, and more importantly, what he has to say.

  3. The Mayan and Hopi legends are simultaneous in their prophecies and predictions. The most fascinating thing is this has all been passed down by word of mouth until about 1965 or so when someone wrote down and translated the prophecies.

    It is true that if you are spiritually connected to your environment you can survive but most people have lost that way so now we must fight to regain it.

  4. Mr. C… the message is timeless.

    Jadedj…one has to listen close. He reminds me of my grandfathers. It is a source of comfort.

    Walkin’ man…you are right
    right on…
    I would suggest that is not a fight
    yet an understanding, towards which we must look,
    in order to regain a connectedness with the environment.

  5. great video and great message. thanks.

  6. Spirituality. Involving love and beauty. Timeless.

  7. I watched this video before I was here at this blog. Cool to recognize something familiar here. I remember it. It was interesting. The Native American culture has much appeal to many. Thought provoking. There is something vast and grand about the natural. The earth is fascinating.


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