Sunday, February 13, 2011

What fresh Hell - Sarah Whatsit. 2/11/2010

Ok, Ok, somethings are just too much fun to not share. 

There ain't a whole lotta thing's I haven't done
but I ain't never had too much fun. 
"Commender Cody"


  1. Well hell son, are you not violating the media oath to not mention her? Oh, you aren't the media? OK, so you don't have to worry about the oath thing, but...and I just mention this in passing...but, there is Mr. Charleston, who will be by here to berate your not so young ass for posting something about her, even though it is a fucking riot. Sorry C...just saying.

    Have at the bitch, Punch!

  2. I believe you and Mr. C, both, jumped my case when I said she was doable. Now that I see she has an addiction and I have a camera, I just need to wait for the right moment and use the FlashBang thingie on her, yes indeed. That's the ticket! I, on the other hand, am addicted to love.

  3. I believe I did not jump your case, I merely said, that is disgusting.

  4. If you do her I hope you shower after wards and don't let her kids know or you naked pictures will be all over facebook which would incite revulsion (I mean revolt) in these here God Blessed united States of America...Martha.

  5. I wouldn't do her. She looks fine, but I don't want my dick to get frost bite.

  6. JadedJ…yes a thought of her in the sack is disgusting. But the point of an insult is often lost with too bright a jab. She’s quite bright and swings with the right, but she's No Mohammad Ali.

    Walkin’ man…of course I would shower and get a penicillin shot, just for measure. The photos would all be in my camera and on my hard drive. (no pun) Her nakked pics might make facebook but not mine. That would cause a revolution of revulsion, lead by my own family. I would have them give you a call for the northern phalanx. (that is a military term JJ)

    Ginx…thanks for stoppin’ in. You and the walking man both tried to quit blogging I’m glad you both came back. You are so right about the cold cunt (sorry ladies) she is a piece of work.


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