Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Christman 2010

I just happened to catch this on you tube.  I am a fan of John Prine, he is a candidate for canonization, to this writer.
We all know this C&W tune.  All Ya'll might have but, I did not know, that John (ahem) Mr Prine is the actual one who helped Steve Goodman write it.  This is a nice Christmas present for The Theater. 

God Bless true Seers, and true believers. 
Well, Obviously.
(all puns and hidden jokes are to be overlooked while seeking presents)

BTW.  The sound sucks, but hey you had to be there.  That's why they sell tickets to live concerts.
the management.


  1. A note All Ya’ll;

    Thank you so very much for following this…
    I don’t even know what to call it. (blog is a cheap shot, shop, slop, etc.)
    Jump in at anytime.
    All comments are welcome,
    but you knew that already.

    May god bless and keep you always,
    may your wishes all come true
    and may you stay forever young.

  2. I've been a fan of Prine for many years. On his first album (which I must have around here somewhere) Kris Kristofferson said in the liner notes: 22 and writes like he's 220.

    Merry Christmas, Punch.

  3. Merry Christmas! Always something interesting here.

  4. nice gift for the senses... thanks!!
    best wishes and warm regards to you :))

  5. I'd ask you to buy me some of those tickets they sell but seeing as i haven't been to any show since the Stones in '79 I think they would probably just sit on a shelf somewhere until two weeks after the show I remembered there was something I was supposed to do.

    Yeah and the same back to ya in your "A note All Ya’ll" even with your piss poor grammar same back at ya.

  6. Well that was a nice greeting from a basically grumpy old, not Prine. Since you put the kebab (intended?) on puns and such, I guess I'll just have to say, greetings to you too, bro.

  7. Doug…He is ageless for me. With the new wars and all “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore” should be played at all football games.
    Andrew…Thanks for the Visit. A Merry Christmas to you and all close to you.
    Harlequin…you’re welcome. If I could sign for you I would. But with my understanding of signing and the use of a sequenced glove would most likely have your partner lunging toward me in a quiet whirlpool for torment.
    the walkin’ man…First off, thanks for helping with the grammar. Piss Poor is perhaps one of the higher marks I have ever been given.
    Second thing, I would buy you the tickets quicker knowing that you might forget to go to the show. I would suggest, when you did see them sitting on you shelf, you would have a moment of experiencing the quiet of John Prine.
    In ’79 I had the pleasure of seeing The Boss, did not even know who he was, but She did. (ahem) Great Show. Also John Denver, Leon Redbone, Papa John Creach, hell, lookin’ back that was a very good year.
    Jadedj…call me what you want but please, please don’t call me late for supper. Oh wait Kebab is supper. Thanks bro and back at ya.

  8. see. Kebab is a pun for...kibosh. Oh, nevermind.

  9. do i still get to come for supper?

  10. Only if you bring your own kibosh.

  11. JadedJ...Consequent to my previous comments:

    Further to your previous replies, kibosh is of Irish origin. It is Cork City slang coming from the Irish for cabbage, cabáiste, pronounced ki-boshta. From about 1750 to 1914 there was a large cabbage market in Cork City in the Kohl Quay (now known as Coal Quay); large amounts of cabbage were exported to the German states and the Low Countries. The cabbages were auctioned off and bought by the various merchants and brokers in a large warehouse.
    To start the auction a large hollow silver cabbage (the Cabáiste) was placed on the auction block and next to it a sample cabbage from the lot to be sold. When the auction was finished the Cabáiste was then placed over the cabbage on display. This was known as putting the Cabáiste on it. Over the years this came to be pronounced "kibosh" on the streets and meant the finish or the end of something. Up until 1922 many English regiments served in Cork City and many West Country regiments of foot must have been there. They would have used the slang and taken it with them to their native shore.
    Alas, the cabbage market had the kibosh put on it at the commencement of the First World War, as this meant an end to trading with the Continent of Europe.

    (ahem) What about Christmas Supper??? Humm??

  12. What would you do without me furnishing you food for, thought?

  13. BTW-Here on the plain Plains, supper is that meal at midday (I do not know why, but it is). I am thinking that after the copious amounts of tequilla you had on xmas eve eve, that you wouldn't even be awake yet, eh?

  14. JadedJ...where I come from it is breakfast, dinner and supper. Quite simple, Simon, said the Pie Man going to the fair.
    Yes you do offer Food for thought, but little thoughtful food.
    Ahem))AhHHem WHAT ABOUT CHRISTMAS SUPPER HAS IT BEEN SERVED AT WHAT EVER TIME OF DAY???? I have about 22 minutes to still make it. Guess I'm SOL.

  15. Har har har har. However, let me point out...there is little thoughtful food for little thoughtful fools. SOL pretty much sums it up.

  16. Merry Happy Days, Punch...and many thanks for the laughs provided herein. I presume they are all intentional ;-)

  17. Intelli...the laughs are always intentional, puns are value added, jadedjs are welcome but not always understood.


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