Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nuff Said.


  1. Too many politicos not telling, either.

  2. Doug, do you have someone in mind? Does his initials begin with JM?

  3. The only people excited about this are the wags in Washington. The troops already serve with straight guys.

  4. Punch... at the moment, hanging in NC with our old buddy LW. He says hello.

  5. Doug...Too Many Politicos!
    jadedj...I have to say, I cannot fully believe what some of my countrymen are about these days.
    Mr. Charleston...if history is correct one of the greatest military leaders of history was gay. But back then it was not called gay. When did all those terms arrive in the lexicon.
    Mr. Charleston...I won't tell.

  6. funny how bullets affect everyone pretty much the same way.... nice reminder about what's at stake: lives on the line and talk being cheap. good for you.

  7. Harlequin...Death does not need congressional approval to enter your home.
    Hell, He does not even need a key to your front door.


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