Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Misogyny


We all know what it means.


Spell Check does not even recognize the word.

When wars are fought

Is Misogyny or Misandry leading the charge?


  1. What about misanthropy? Or cerebral-cardio-dystrophy?

    Actually, when wars are fought, we all know that someone's (or some severals') pocketbook (or billfold, if you prefer) is leading the charge.

    Do I get an A?

  2. It's all charged, interest accrues.

  3. You both get A's and the afternoon off.

  4. Well, interesting question. If we look at GWB and company, we would conclude that the dudes are in front. But then bring to mind, Michele Bachmann and Sara Palin, and hey, reload and rethink the whole damned question. Equally scary.

    Doug, I for one am practicing my Mandarin.

    Punch, what do I get off?

  5. I'd never known there was an opposite word for misogyny. so I had to look for myself.

    This is what I found Christmas anyone?

  6. JadedJ…Add Sharon Angle and the 2nd Amendment Solution, now the scare factor becomes exponential. Maybe a modified Scoville organoleptic test should be implemented for politicians. When they tell us they are hot shit, we would be able to determine just how hot.

    Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette is a likely dressing for these vegetables.

    A note of caution, please do not put the words ‘get’ and ‘off’ together on this site. That is an attractive nuisance that some childlike mind is sure to make a run at.

    the walkin’ man…you always bring out the best of everyone.
    Think I’ll order Sanctifying Misandry. It has an odd ring to it.

  7. Ain't Miss Andy the gal who runs the brothel down the street? I want her to lead the charge.

  8. No, Mr. Charleston, I guess you have not heard.
    Miss Andy did not get the word about a new sheriff being in town and all. Seems like he comes acallin’ and she gave him the misandry dust off which lead to a misogynist dust up.
    Miss Andy is fine, according to the girls, but don’t expect to see her till that sheriff learns the ways of the town and zoning variances. The girls raise the rate through the roof while Miss Andy done gone, bj's are three times what they use to be and..., well you get the picture.
    The mayor and council chairman are tryin’ to learn him but he’s hard to get it.
    Bobby Blue Balls has sent the sheriff the entire history of Bob Marley and his music.
    I’d lay low 'round there.

  9. I knew you would go there...obliquely, but there.

  10. Hmmm. I thought of misanthropy as well, but a lot of people arent so fond of us ladies.

  11. So one is to conclude that the misogynist put it to the misanthropist who became a misanthropist? Or was it because the misogynist was a misanthropist in the first place? Either way, he sure fucked up a good thing. Humbug.

  12. Wait a minute. Did I say that? Ahem, let's try again. So the misogynist put it to the misandrist who became a misanthropist? There, that's better.

    But I did not shoot the deputy.

  13. JadedJ…there is where you find it.

    Susan…misanthropy is huge and has been for; maybe the history of it all. It all depends on the meaning of IT. I’ll accept All as a constant.
    oOH, (ahem) Susan, Ms Susan, Sister Susan, Ladies, women, broads, foxes, babes, mommas, etc, are all welcome at this site. This is a safe house of love. (note of caution, JadedJ and Mr. Charleston don’t always remember that this is a safe house) chuckle

    Mr. Charleston…
    Number one thing…the misogynist started the whole thing.
    Number Two thing…the loving aspect of the town was merely accommodating said misogynist.
    Number three thing…said misogynist turned a profit making component of a free social accumulation of beings into a misandrist, thereby causing the entire town to become Misanthropic.
    Number four thing…the Deputy said to tell you; he sends loving kindness your way.

  14. Jabberwockey at it's finest, boys.

  15. How can "all" be a constant when you don't know what all there is? You're probably safer with "it". The whole thing sounds like a big mistake to me from the git go. The misogynist was mistaken for a masseur my the misandrist and she tried to barter her services for his. A common mistake. The misogynist, being the asshole sheriff, blew the whole thing out of proportion which cops are wont to do. And that's why I shot the sheriff.

  16. JadedJ…
    "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!"

    Mr. make a good point, yet I stand by 'all' even though I not might know ‘what all there is’. It must be included in this equation as a constant, otherwise one must put in a factor to account for ‘all’. This factor should be logarithmic based on history. To insert such into a brothel brouhaha would further the distances between misanthropic folk.
    By the way did you get the massage? I have heard those rates have remained in line with Miss Andy’s recommendations.

  17. this comment bar is the most entertaining and edifying thing i've seen in weeks. apologies for a week or so of silence.... work and work and work.... sucks this time of year.
    misogyny is too easy, only insofar as it hides in plain sight. as for the other "mis" siles.... well, there you go.

  18. apologies are needed here in the Theater, all are welcome.
    You have been missed.
    Your comments have a healing affect on this writer.


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