Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Do Not Know. You Tell Me.

This is a long post. 
Way Too Long.
But the Guy Has A Point.
'nuff said:


  1. Gawd, I love his playing. The same vocalists and accordion player are in the Get Rythym video (one of my favorite videos ever.) Unfortunately it isn't available on youtube.

  2. A poor man stands because he must a rich man stands because a poor man holds his ass up.

  3. This would have been around the time of "Borderline" with Flaco Jemenez and company. Good stuff Punch.

  4. Doug...I have enjoyed his music for over 35 years.
    BTW, you posted a link to Ry's music, I dumped it by mistake if you would send it again that would be a treat for all. Thanks
    the walking man...Amen Brother.
    Mr. Charlestion...thanks for the timeline. He is a stand along. See walking man above.

  5. Too long? I beg to differ - can never have too much Ry Cooder!

  6. Here ya go.

  7. Intelli…thanks for the understanding. I agree there just ain’t no too much of Mr. Cooder. (Spell check wanted me to say “isn’t any” what’s with that?)
    I agree there just isn’t any too much of Ry Boy Cooder. Nah.

    Doug…thank you for your patience. That is perhaps the first song I remember Johnny Cash singing on the radio. I’m sure Mr.’s Cash and Cooder played joints like that shown in the video.

    Mr. Charleston… (ahem) “He is a stand alone” but you knew I meant all along. I was hurrying this morning and has just deleted Doug’s great link, so please forgive the grammatical error, or was it just spelling. I forget.

  8. Between Ry's version and Johnny's, I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Mr. Cash was one of my heroes.

  9. The bar owner in Doug's video looks very familiar to me. Anybody know who he is?

  10. Mr. C - Harry Dean Stanton's the guy - I recognized him too, but didn't know his name until I did some sleuthing. He's got quite the resume:

  11. Not too long.

    Sorry Doug, Ry is the man (over Cash, I mean)IMO, of course. How could you not like a man named Ry?

    Nothing to do with Ry Cooder, but Paris, Texas which stared Harry Stanton, is one of my favorite films. I thought he was Oscar material in that film. And he portrayed the guy Ry Cooder is singing about in this video. It all comes together sometimes, Punch.

  12. Easily, JJ, I prefer Scotch...
    I need to see Repo Man again.

  13. Paris, Texas was scored by Ry Cooder, by the way, which might have something to do with HDS's appearance in the Get Rythym video, no?.


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