Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo of the Moment 11/26/10 Revisited

I went to the book store this morning. 
Did not find the book I was looking for, but I did find this on  my way out. 
I sorta picked up the pace on my way to the car. 
But god, that taunting bitch said,

'You ain't got a hair on your ass if you don't take that photograph, Boy'


  1. I don't fear God (or believe, for that matter.) I fear people like that.

  2. This guy is a narc. No Copenhagen sticker.

  3. oh, dear; it's really too bad you had to see that.

  4. Hold it, pal...this cretin was at the BOOK store? Was it an adult book store?

  5. Doug…God is not to be feared, it is the True Believes of the Cross, which are to be Feared.
    Be Afraid, Ye Verily Afraid.

    Mr. Charleston…Copenhagen is a Socialists plot to this cowboy.

    Harlequin…thank you for your concern. It all turned out well.
    I only took out one bush in the planter, while turning my car back around to follow the directives of god (I have learned the hard way that it is the easiest path) the manage was ok with me donating the 45# of canned goods to his ‘Feed the needed’ box. The car I scuffed did not do any damage to my paint, and I’ll get it buffed out next week. (turned out the owner, sorta felt like me, when I ‘splained to her about the stickers on the truck.)
    The bump on my forehead is going down as I write. (Got out of my car too fast, took the photo (felt god chuckle, and DAMN IT still moving too fast when I got back in, the F*&^%$g car. (swear I hear God laughing out loud))) anyway the old white man I knocked over with my car, while leaving, yelled, “Please Look Out for the Fucking Reindeer!” (He seem a friendly enough sort, I felt badly.)
    I wait for your insight with each post.

    JadedJ…No it was not an adult book store. (but you get points for the guess) It was Book a Million. (I’m waiting for the bucks from their PR department) The book I was looking for was a dictionary of words that need to be defined for that awkward moment that we all feel when we… (name your tune here)
    I have discovered two that need to be on the list (if not already)
    1) that period of time between when you ask the clerk in books a million for help finding a book that you don’t:
    a) know the name of
    b) know the author of
    c) but DO know the name of books that he as written! And they show you on the TV screen every f*&^%$g book he has ever written!!!! EVER!!!
    d) you realize there are people waiting in line that are listening to this conversation.
    The second is:
    1) After becoming a humiliated, college educated, fool, in front of witnesses, you, while walking to you car, see a big red dick slapping around in the wind. Do you:
    a. Decide to walk on by.
    b. Slash tires
    c. Bash windows
    d. Smile and think of god’s love
    e. then realize god’s pissed and you might be the messenger.
    f. OR NOT!

  6. Good Whatshisher (or not)...your life is complicated!

  7. JadedJ...I new (knew) you wood (would) understand.

  8. Don't buy a word of it JJ. This guy is so groggy, having expended (is that in your book?) all of his chi at the adult book store that his hand slipped and he banged his head. The photo is just a cover. This isn't the first time.

  9. Hot damn. I just put it all together C. That's the photos you're selling on the web, right?

  10. Up here in Bubba County that guy'd a gotten his ass kicked for not having a Confederate Flag decal on there, too. (But then again, we don't have a bookstore here, so...)

    The video was a nice bit of nostalgia, Punch...those days were simpler, back when we were only fighting in one inane war, when Dylan going electric was scandalous (wonder what they thought when he went on to maket for Victoria's Secret)? Where did we go wrong?

  11. Easy to see he was not a man of conviction but rather one who valued his possesions more than anything else and following the herd more than everything else.

    Notice the only thing he had on the paint of his truck was a magnetic ribbon. Just another yehoo all mouth no balls. Probably dick Cheney in drag shopping at your local walmart

  12. Mr. Charleston…some days I marvel that you manage to put one foot in front of the other more than 5 times. Thanks for steady on bringing porn into the conversation. This isn’t the first time. And personally I hope not the last.

    Jadedj…there ya go.

    Intelli…Good insight, there was a rosary hanging from the rearview mirror, by the way. My bet is the flag in the placemats on the dinner table, back at the trailer.
    He would have gotten his ass kicked for going into a bookstore.

    Yeah that piece on Dylan brought back a lot. I saw ‘Dont Look Back’ when it came out in 1965, some of clip footage is in the movie. The limo ride was most memorable for me. How times have changed, ok ok.

    Walkin’ man…spot on. This tight assed truck was spotless. Maybe that is what caught my eye. Looked like he was haulin’ one of the side panels on NASCAR lane, ‘till I began to read.

    Sidebar to all…I googled the authors name and reviewed his list of books published,
    (ahem) this is the name I gave the clerk in books-a-dozen. The bimbo stopped reading two pages before he got to the book I was looking for.
    I think I figured out who is driving that truck.


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