Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeeezzz my Knezzzzz. Election 2010

The state of Republicans in the state of Florida, ca. 2010.

“My brain is still good and so are my teeth.
I voted Republican but don’t ask me the issues.”
Edna Alexander, 105 years old.

Edna was in the local newspaper today.  You can look it up.


  1. Good thing the Obama death squads didn't get wind of this fool. She just help vote in the anti-Social Security...anti-Health Care...anti-Medicare gang.

    Are you sure that wasn't Barbara Bush they interviewed?

  2. No we just voted in Death Panels, made them more than a scare tactic.

    We can go to Margaritaville and lay back and die for them or we can start the push back right now. I am undecided right now I am so disgusted with the blood color of the entire fucking map right now.

  3. LOL @ jaded. Well, at his comment.

  4. at least there is a poster girl for this most unfortunate turn of events. my sympathies from the north, sighing in disbelief.

  5. I plan to live in Margaritaville for the next 2 years.

  6. Mr. Charleston…Good call, but think of the history of this great state. Andrew Jackson chased the Creek from Georgia and Alabama down into the swamp. As a reward Monroe made him the military governor I’m sure his ol’ lady bitched him out ‘till he gave up.
    Hurricane Andrew blew through and caused a bunch of trouble and gave up. That’s two of the reasons we have St Andrew’s cross on the flag.
    I suspect Rickie Boy will follow suit, ya know, with the blowin’ off and leaving trouble in his wake.
    JadedJ…This could be Babs’ mother.
    The walkin’ man…bloody Marys have been thrown across the nation. Pushing back is the only answer. Please don’t spill the vodka.
    Intelli…laughing, loud or otherwise is the best reaction to Mr. JadedJ.
    Harlequin…a poster of childish thinking for sure.
    Susan…I can pick up a blender on the way to meet you.


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