Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Richard Nixon

I miss him now.

Tricky Dickie, that is. 
I never thought I would say that in this life time.
But up against the ‘ol Ranger, Bush Whack and the Son of Bush Whack, hell, the old boy seems positively generous.

Here are a few of his quotes:
"The word politics causes some people lots of trouble. Let us be very clear - politics is not a dirty word."

"I would have made a good pope."

"Any culture which can put a man on the Moon is capable of gathering all the nations of the earth in peace, justice and concord."

"One reason we found the Chinese appeared to be so agreeable to deal with was their total lack of conceit or arrogance."

"The people's right to change what does not work is one of the greatest principles of our system of government."

"If being a liberal means federalizing everything, then I'm no liberal. If being a conservative means turning back the clock; denying problems that exist, then I'm no conservative."

"This office is a sacred trust and I am determined to be worthy of that trust."

"When the President does it that means that it is not illegal."

"Government enterprise is the most inefficient and costly way of producing jobs."

"I brought myself down. I impeached myself by resigning."
"I am not a crook."

Under Eisenhower the income tax for the highest bracket was 91%.

The tax rate under Nixon was 70% for the highest bracket and you did not come under 39% until you made less than $28,000 as a couple or $14,000 individually

President - Highest Tax Bracket:
Eisenhower 91%
Kennedy 91%
Johnson 70%
Nixon 70%
Ford 70%
Carter 70%
Reagan 80% to 28%
Bush, G.H.W. 31%
Clinton 39.6%
Bush, G.W. 35%

1952 2010
58 years of liberal left leaning progressive leadership that is destroying this country and handing it to the rich.  
Why in the world does the conservative leadership want to change?  If the liberals had not been in control the rich would still be paying a 91% tax rate.

The working man just might be better off with the conservatives leading the charge for a few years.

Beats me.  Facts are so messy.


  1. He was right, he would have made a good Pope! Pope Tricky I.

    You can take this chart, wrap it around a baseball bat, hit your tea bagging friends over the head with it, and they would STILL scream, SOCIALISTS ARE RUINING THIS COUNTRY.

  2. "The tax rate under Nixon was 70% for the highest bracket and you did not come under 39% until you made less than $28,000 as a couple or $14,000 individually."

    And then came Ready Ronnie who not only cut taxes on the rich, but at the same time eliminated nearly all tax deductions for the working class. And now, our great conservative leaders are finally getting around to cutting our last tax deduction, mortgage interest while giving the very richest yet another tax break.

    Ain't it wonderful?

  3. Mr. C, don't forget, not only the mortgage interest rate but the EIC (earned income credit) for those families who fall close to the poverty line. Big fucking cut for them.

  4. I keep waiting for Punch's punch line....

  5. i liked that line " facts are messy" ; i've always thought facts are like cows.... if you look at them long enough, they just go away.

    thanks for the walk down memory lane, reminding me that what gets done or not done is not as important as who gets caught getting done or undone ( or not!)

  6. If glen beck will pay 91% I'll pay 25%


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