Friday, November 12, 2010

'Nuff Said - Sonny Boy Williamson

Not a political statement?


  1. I hear you...somebody's got to go!

  2. Why is that shit written in the singular as in someone. There are more than one that got to go there be about 509 that need to split.

  3. 509? There's gotta be more than that.

  4. 1 president
    9 supreme court justices
    and about 499 congresmen

  5. Hmmm...I have to agree w/Andrew - let's not stop at the Federal level!

  6. Jadedj…trouble is it won’t be the one I think needs to go.

    The walkin’ man…Amen brother, just for lagniappe let’s double the number.

    Mr. C…that is what Fox news wants’ you to think. Sons of Bitches.

    Andrew…see above, I have raised the bet. Please call their bluff.

    Walkin’ man…I would add, 4 media stars, 16 morning TV nitwits, none of them sweet, oh and that partridge, over there, in that pear tree? (not the family, just the one) Shoot it, for measure.

    Intelli…excellent suggestion. You and me we’ll take care of the ones below the Mason-Dixon Line. Walkin’ man, alone can take care of the bastards, north of that line.


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