Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dick Cheney’s entire political life as been, in my opinion, a continuous string of obscenities, with the final chapter being played out, as we watch.

List of obscenities
a)     Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, the son of a federal soil conservation agent.
b)     Appointed a congressional fellow in 1968.
c)      Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld in various positions in the Nixon and Ford administrations.
d)     1975–77, President Ford’s chief of staff.
e)     1979–89, House of Representatives, a staunch, pragmatic conservative Republican from Wyoming.
f)       As minority whip, he actively supported President Ronald Reagan’s defense buildup and aid to the Nicaraguan Contras.
g)     Served as vice chairman of the committee investigating the Iran-Contra scandal during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
h)     President G. H. W. Bush, appointed Cheney secretary of defense after the Senate rejected John Tower. Cheney had no military service, having obtained deferments during the Vietnam War.
i)        Worked in the oil industry as a top executive for the Halliburton Company before his return to government in 2000
j)        In 2000 he was elected vice president on the Republican ticket with G. W. Bush.
k)      2003, Halliburton received a major contract to help rebuild Iraq after the U.S. invasion there.

I must now confess to my own obscene thoughts.  As I view the current photos of Cheney, I feel a great sense of joy. 
This must be obscene, by its very definition.

Upon reflection I believe the word is Schadenfreude.


  1. Are you trying to tell us that Dickless Cheney is a sapsucking sapsucker, sumshithead, buttfucking, douchenpeckerwood?

    You have to admit that nobody...NOBODY...wears that little lapel flag as well as he.

    Obscene is as obscene does, bro...and he does.

  2. Oh yeah...and congratulations on the new word-a-day thingy...obfuscation, however, Dick will probably refudiate this entire post.

  3. schadenfreude
    "malicious joy in the misfortunes of others," 1922, from Ger., lit. "damage-joy," from schaden "damage, harm, injury" (see scathe) + freude , from O.H.G. frewida "joy," from fro "happy," lit. "hopping for joy," from P.Gmc. *frawa- (see frolic).

    "What a fearful thing is it that any language should have a word expressive of the pleasure which men feel at the calamities of others; for the existence of the word bears testimony to the existence of the thing. And yet in more than one such a word is found. ... In the Greek epikhairekakia, in the German, 'Schadenfreude.' " [Richard C. Trench, "On the Study of Words," 1852]

  4. Andrew…don’t let Heckle and Jeckle cause you pause.
    I tend to encourage them. They have been around for a while. I have learned that they really can think.
    Acquired taste comes to mind right now.

    Thank you for your comment on my post.
    Your definitions are spot on.
    It is a rare moment when we can see ourselves being unkind and acknowledge that realization to ourselves.

  5. What did I miss something...has the bastard chicken hawk been indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. If so then hell yes to schadenfreude! Or did that fake heart finally give out? Though not quite as good as the first as long as I don't have to pay for HIS health care any more I'm cool with that.

  6. the walkin' man..."An Die Freude"


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