Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Cisco Kid


or not

You too can bring back the good days...

Pre- Bush Wackers

Pre-Hillary and what's his name.

Pre -Bush Wack one (1) (W.H)

Pre - The Ol' Ranger

Pre - Jimmy

Pre- Jerry

Post - Tricky Dickie.

Bring them back alive.


  1. War... The World Is A Ghetto. Good stuff.

  2. I'm not sure I'd want to go all the way back to '73. I'd definitely go back to '01 and decide not to buy a certain used Volvo I bought, though.

  3. "Ooooooh Cisco", wait, that's not who you were talking about. Big disappointment, SENOR!

  4. Wait, I've been thinking about this...are you saying you want Tricky back? I just need to hear you say it...come on...say it.

  5. I'd go back to '73 and Tricky. I was out to sea most of that year and what was happening ashore had little to do with anything going on in my mind. That and the one thing I would never do is be a white guy with a 'fro like that.

  6. Mr. Charleston…They had something.
    Intelli…I know what you mean about bad deals.
    Jadedj…that IS who I’m talking. THAT Cisco and Pancho.
    Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo.
    Jadedj...yes I would rather have a person who states ‘I am not a crook’ over one that states ‘I am not a witch’.
    The walkin’ man…some days I wish I were at sea. Agree with the ‘fro dude.


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