Monday, October 25, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Mr. Manilow

Ok, Ok, All Right. YOu are all right, correct, not wrong.

I am the big loser, you win.

All ya'll win! (see last post)

All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home

All your reindeer armies, are all going home

The lover who just walked out your door

Has taken al here blankets from the floor

The carpet, too, is moving under you

And it's all over now, Bayb Blue.

But I can change.

I can give up the Gloom and Doom.

I don’t live in Detroit, Baghdad, and Juarez.

I live in South Florida, warm, balmy, cool breeze, just too cool for school.

Think I’ll begin to listen to Barry-I-use-to-write-the-songs-MadLow.

Think I'll vote for Ricky Scott, and Marko Rubio.

Hell might even, back the Tea Party and pray for Sarah, ex-wife of Abraham to become the next prez of these united states.

Yeah Buddy.


  1. I wouldn't say you were a pussy because to be honest I know pussy and it tastes better than this.

  2. Now I have to go listen to Steve Earle and pretend I never ever saw this post :-)

  3. Let’s see now:
    Mr. Charleston…Jeckel
    The walking man…a rational thought. The sweet taste of (ahem)
    Intelliwench…a breath of fresh air. (forgot you were here for a second)

  4. That is Mr. Hyde to you Mr. Chuck.


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