Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Druming Hell! What? 10/3/10

See the first comment. Nothing get's by JadedJ.
This is the cat's meow.

This clip is from intelliwench. This guy is focused.


  1. Er, OK. Stressful day? At a loss for words? Cat got your tongue? A philosophical dead-end? Nuff said? Overexposed tape? The squirrels ate your downloads? Not much else to say.

  2. Well It seemed like a good Idea at the time.

    Yes the Cat had my tongue, I asked him if he knew where any lost words might be, sucker reached right out and got my tongue. Hurt like a sombitch.

    Life is a philosophical dead-end.

    The squirrels ate my downloaded overexposed tapes, cause they could see the cat was occupied. Sombitch!

    Nuff Said.

    Thanks for caring enough to send the very best.

  3. FOUL! MISREPRESENTATION! The comment was made when there was NOTHING HERE EXCEPT A TITLE.


  4. Play nice, boys.

    Punch, I'm flattered that you thought my contribution fit company for the excellent videos you posted. Or were you just humoring me, too?

  5. intelli...Too??? you must be thinking of the J. I don't have to humor you, you understand. The drummer was really on that night. He was one with the drum. Thanks for the link.


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