Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Fresh Hell, Bob Dylan

It all started back in high school, when a chum told me about a guy named Bob Dylan. (die lan to him). I got ‘the freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ and was knocked out’! Well time passes and we both go off to THE University of Florida, Dylan is all over the radio and I now have ‘Bob Dylan’, ‘the times they are a-Changin’, Another Side of Bob Dylan’ well you get the picture, all of the albums up to ‘Self Portrait’ (married with kids)

Fast Forward to this week. (48 years later)

I email a buddy that I’m going to hear Dylan on the spur of the moment. Ya Know, friendship stuff and like that there.

This is what I get back.

{He Wrote Me}

second, minute, whatthefuk. I sent you an email yesterday, fully aware that you were going to see the boss,,,er, no, the hell did they get DILL ON out of DYLAn???? tHE English language is full of blow out baby shit...even Gallahger knew that. Now I realize you do not know what blow out baby shit is, as it has been one hellofa long time since you had to deal with baby shit...but I can tell you, it ain't pretty, nor...fragrant. Blow out baby shit is when they shit so much in one "sesssion" that it all just blows the hell out of the diaper...everyfuckingwhere (OH, are you reading this during dinner? Good). I once heard SillyAnn tell someone that you/one never smell your own baby's crap. I am here to tell you SHE IS FULL OF SHIT.

Back to the email of yesteryore. I knew you would not respond last night, but now I want to know whyyyyyyyyyy, Y you are iggggggnoring it today? You think that weak phone call took care of it and you wouldn't have to deal with the jaded one again today, is that it? WELL excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse the fuck me.




as rain!

Mr. Huggies

[I wrote Him]

Jeszzzzeee My Kneezzzzzzzzeeeeesssss

I must apologize for being wrong.

If you would [fucking] be so [fucking] kind

As to [fucking] let me [fucking] know

Just what [thefuck] it was that I [fucking] did that I was

Soooooooooooooooooooooo [fffFF

[Fucking] wrong


It would make my [fucking] APOLoGY more

[Fucking] meaning [fuckin] full.

And heart [fuckin’] Felt!

[fucking] Fuck [fucking] you.


On another note; Dylan was just what I hoped for.

I bought a Tea Shirt that I’m sure was made in China.

Dylan is wearing a white hat. Is that cool or What??

Look at that fat hollow body being played by the lead guitarist.

[He wrote Me]


[I wrote Him]

Thanks, I took it with that little pretend camera I have. As I was walking up to the entry door, with the contraband in my pocket I hear a guy saying “if you have a camera please take it back to your car. Now! You know, like real cops do.

{I saw Dylan here 5 years ago with Meryl Haggard as the ‘warm up act’. Meryl Haggard walks on to the stage and takes it. Holds it. Picks it up and turns it around, looks closely and gently sets it back down, turns and walks off. (Leaving you standing there like a man who’s dog just died)}

Anyway this guy is sayin’ “Photos are not allowed tonight.” (last time I had to put the Nikon back in my car, what a pain) But this time as I made my preparations. I thought of your story about the blogger and the nice camera. Seems like that guy was a hobbyist with a nice camera in an art museum (we were going into an art museum that day with me carrying my nice camera.) He gets into a pissing match with the ‘security’. They are giving him shit (maybe blow-out class) about being allow to take photographs in the museum. There are people all over using cell phones to make pictures. The cops seemed to have become involved and he (the photographer) has to leave, sans photographs. (the cell phones stayed to take pictures of the ejection.)

So it must be the difference between ‘photographs’ and ‘pictures’. I was cool. I had, in my pocket, a 10 meg, waterproof to 10 meters, point and shoot camera, used for snapshot pictures. Walked right in sat right down and enjoyed the show.

Had to chuckle out loud when I got an ok photo of Mr. Dylan.

I may have another one. I am fooling with them now.


I like all the black and the spots of light. Don’t know why?

[He wrote Me]

ALRIGHT! My man! Yes!

The fuckers just don't get it.

They do not get...ART.

They only think about dollars.

Love this story.

[I am now writing to you the reader]

This picture is for the post. I had to move to another seat.

The acoustics, like sucked, man! I mean like, Liked, so, really sucked.

Like it was, like, the worst hole in like the universe, man.

There were not more than 4000 people there. Bob Dylan is one of the best bargains in live concerts

See those specs of light that look like bleach spatter spots in the black?

Cell Phones, taking pics, and flicks, posting them on the net.!

Hey wait a minute, that's me?

Not too far from the live sound of the show.


  1. I'm having flashbacks to a EC concert a few years back.

  2. I was wrong! The Tea Shirt was made in Honduras.

    Thanks Mr. Charleston...I think I was at that concert. EC has better acousticians.

  3. 1974 Philadelphia 5th row back. Guy GAVE me the ticket.

  4. walking man...Not a lot of middle ground with Dylan.

  5. thanks for the photos, the rant, the romp and the memories, not to mention the undeniable rhythmic and lyrical present!

  6. You got it Harli.
    To my mind He stands up to the test of time.
    The rant is from a friend that can get into one at the drop of a hat. I love the leaps of faith that he makes.


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