Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Fresh Hell - a very model

Some things are just too much to not pass on.


  1. intelli...guess you and I are the only ones not having too much fun.

  2. First thing... my favorite blog widget, the one that's supposed to tell me when someone posts so I can scurry right over and leave some smart-ass remark... don't work for shit as it just now showed your new post, days late.

    Second thing... there ain't nothing but a blank box to look here. On the other hand, maybe that's the point.

  3. OK.. the damned thing loaded whilst I was carping a comment. funny, but true.

  4. Mr. C... Impatient/adjective / Having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked. Our spelling lesson for the day.

  5. Mr. C...for once you and I are on the same, or not, page. HIS FUCKING SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL DOES NOT WORK! Does he try to figure our why? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have repeatedly told him this, but basically he just wants to, er, whine. Well, OK, he wants to wine also...but that is another rant.

    BTW, assholeo (not you, C...him)...I like the vid. It is brilliant.

    Why do you hate Mr. C?

  6. Jadedj…Once again you join, another member of my often bright and intelligent readers and have seen fit to somehow blame me for the lack of some systems thingies that you and he, alone seem to know of. I. on the other hand know the system is controlled by the rightwing nuts, and they will only dis-allow my words of truth to get out. So I look you (jadedj) and Mr. C. Impatient Arles Ton’s sites up longhand. (word from the days when people wrote or typed on a typewriter letters to another, but I digress)
    Thank you for your caring and meaningful comment to my post.
    At least you waited long enough for it to load. (See Mr. Chuck, above)
    And Another Thing:

    Hate / noun / Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hete; akin to Old High German haz hate, Greek kedos care Usage: often attributive Date: before 12th century.
    1. a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.
    2. extreme dislike or antipathy : Loathing
    3. (intelli… you can jump in at anytime.)
    4. I don’t hate Mr. C. that is why I am helping with his spelling lessons.
    5. I don’t hate you!! That is why I helping you with your spelling lessons.

    Love and light and all like that there.

  7. Sorry...
    I was up to my elbows in pottery and jewelry and giclee,
    and missed this witty repartee.


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