Monday, October 26, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Dirt Farmer

Oh the poor old dirt farmer,
he's lost lost all his corn
and now where's the money
to pay off his loan?
he lost all his corn
cant pay off his loan
he lost all his corn.
well the poor old dirt farmer,
he only grows stones.
he grows then on down
till they big enough to roll.
he rolls them on down
to the tax man in town.
ya, he rolls them on down
now the poor old dirt farmer
he's left all alone.
his wife and his child
renthey've packed up and gone.
packed up and gone
he's left all alone
they've packed up and gone
well the poor old dirt farmer
how bad he must feel.
he fell off his tractor
up under the wheel.
and now his head
is shaped like a tread
but he aint quite dead.
well the poor old dirt farmer
he cant grow no corn.
he cant grow no corn
cause he aint got a loan.
he aint got no loan
cant grow no corn
he aint got no loan


  1. Ry Cooder does a good one called "The Farmer Is The Man." Unfortunately, the family farmer has all but disappeared in this country.

  2. But C, with corporate farms we have gained hydroponic tomatoes. They taste like shit, but hey, more profits for America. Screw a family farmer.

  3. Hey, I think you've found the key JJ!! They need to feed them shit then they'll taste like home grown.

  4. How many stones it take to pay off a $5000 tax bill? I'll help throw 'em.

  5. Mr. Charles...Mr. Cooder is a wonderful person and great musician, yet i don't believe he spent much time on a dirt farm.
    JadedJ...laws should be passed! Hydroponics shall be used only to grow marijaunawanna. Dude!
    Mr. Charles...HomeGrown? see above. is. I heard Levon Helms talking about the album when it came out. I liked his voice when he sang with the Band. As I heard him speak, in the interview for the albumn, i thought 'damn Levon what hell have you done?' When I heard he had survived throat cancer, i said 'damn Levon, let's hear you sing a bit more'.
    WalkingM...get a good count and i will get a small army, lets do it.


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