Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Fresh Hell

Please see the comments from My (MOI) last post to fully understand

this joy.

Mr. Walking Man has taken time from his busy day to say,

to wit:

While said in jest I think

if you want more awards for work done

you need to take a chance, go out on a limb, be willing

to be a bit exhibitionist for your art....or

you could just send me an email and I will

forward you a whole file full of awards that I never learned

how to convert to the HTML code necessary to post them.

I award you all of them.

yeah buddy!!!

See, That Jest part is just in jest.


  1. I jest don't wanta see no frontal thingy! That's all. Oh, and the check bounced!

  2. Oh, and walking man, DO. NOT. TRY. TO. CASH. THE. CHECK!

  3. Seems to me Honest Scrap is an appropriate award for this site. I recall it being awarded some time ago by Mr. JJ. Where the hell is it?

  4. Punch you have just been awarded "The file full of awards award" don't go looking for it at my blog though. Just know that you have been awarded it and that there is no meme associated with it.

    But send me a check anyway and I will get myself elected to congress because it is proof I can be bought cheaply.


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