Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not for the weak.

This is from my brother who lives in Forrest City, Arkansas.

It is very disturbing, I don't know what to do with it, but the sadness is too great to not so something, even if it is wrong. There is a callous level of torture that define understanding.


  1. I can't watch this. It disturbs me too deeply and makes me feel helpless. I do what I can. I've adopted three shelter animals and numerous strays over the years. It's so sad.

  2. Departments
    All city departments are under the direction of the Mayor and exist for the benefit of the citizens of our city.


    Hours of Operation:
    8:00 to 4:00 Monday - Friday
    Also as needed after hours and weekends.
    Shelter - 870-633-DOGS (3647)
    FCPD - 870-633-3434

    Forrest City Animal Shelter
    1058 SFC 200
    Mallory Road
    Forrest City, AR 72335

    (I sent the below statement and link to the YouTube video before the video was finished but I watched it all. There is always something that can be done now do it.)

    A community's compassion is known by the way it treats the weakest lives in it. Mayor McCoy even in Detroit we treat ours with more humanity that that which is displayed by your town.

    HERE is a sign of your compassion.

    May God show you recompense in equal measure for the cruelty your animal shelter exhibits.

    Mark Durfee

  3. Mr.C...those are my thoughts also.
    WalkingM...thanks for the links, i will follow suit.

  4. The cruelty shown to animals is amazing, particularly as they're well-nigh defenceless.

  5. Sorry, I can't watch this one Punch. Wm is right...somebody needs to taken to task for this.

  6. I have just posted about this with some suggestions. Lets all take a fucking non partisan stand on this. If you can't send mail to the mayor then pick a news outlet in your home town and forward the video to them.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjaxCr1t4mA&feature=player_embedded

    The above is the URL of the video at YouTube forward it all over the world.

  8. This kinda shit makes me so fuckin' angry. I don't give a rats ass if all the human beings in this fuckin' hellhole city wanna beat the shit outta each other and kill one another (each month our homicide number just keeps on risin') but when poor defenseless animals are treated in this type of manner it makes my blood boil. Believe me, our Bowels of Hell shelter is NO FUCKIN' BETTER....the majority of the animals that are "adopted" outta there quickly end up sick and/or dead....and both my daughter and myself have written countless letters in attempts to raise awareness of this kinda crap. Oh God, I could go on and on about this shit. But I truly thank ya for postin' this Punch. For as much as I may bitch about videos in blogs, well.....I just hope everyone will use THIS video wisely.

  9. WalkingM...I sent an email to the mayor and set your comment along to the people I know who will do something about it.
    MeanDonnaJ...somethings are beyond the pale.

  10. Have emailed the mayor (cc to Walking Man).
    Aloha, Friends!

    Comfort Spiral

  11. That's so disgusting. And I'm ashamed it is happening in Arkansas. I'll do what I can regarding this.

  12. Thank you for posting this. It's a painful, but necessary, eye-opener. I sent the email.

  13. wrote everyone I have an address for
    wrote the local tv station that takes news
    wrote to buzzfeed

  14. Cloudia...thank you, from my heart. There are Sentient Beings who would, say so, if they could.
    Charles...it is disgusting, i worried about posting, thank you for your efforts.
    Sarah...thank you for understanding. I like to fool around with words and concepts. There is no foolin' 'round with this. The fools are in charge of the weak.
    Boneman... thank you, many more that can't say so, also would.
    Walking Man... another thanks to you for your research into the contact persons.

    "don'tcha know love is the greatest thing the world has ever known..." I'm gonna catch that catch that train. (see next post)

  15. I have written everyone I can find about this cruelty. Thanks for bringing this to our attention even as hard as it is to watch.

  16. To all... an update from my brother who feels like this might not be neglect, but true animal cruelty.

    The Vick-I-play-for-the-eagles-Kind.


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