Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Got a new computer.
Bought Windows 7.
Vista sucks the big one.
Hardware changes and blows out all your drivers,
64 bit blah, blah, blah, still working on gettin' it up.
The post now are coming from a 4 year old laptop. best money I every spent.
Here is a photo of the new computer, runs like a champ,
but be careful with the screwdriver
when you connect the dots to start.
Not for chrilrens'


  1. Damn Punch. Looks like the engine from one of those rally cars.

  2. OH HELL YES...I want one just like that mommy!

  3. I hate Vista and can't wait to get 7. Keep me posted on how much you are loving it.

  4. So THATS what the insides of these addictive lil' contraptions is supposed to look like (minus the 1/4-inch-thick layer of dust, that is). Well I'll be damned.

    I recently installed 2 new stix of RAM in mine and it was so friggin' bad in there that I hardly could tell which end was UP.

  5. just go and buy a pile of bricks... you will find a use for them in no time....
    good luck!

  6. Mr. Charles...very close in the spirit.
    WalkingM...spoken like a person who understood the interworkings of life at a young age.
    PeachT...working with Vista is enough to make one Not a friend of Bill.
    JJ...Closet? Nerd? hum?
    MeanDonnaJ...JadedJ just called me a closet nerd.
    Harlequin...I actually have a pile of bricks and your advice is good. I made 8 flower beds from them. thinkin' 'bout buyin' more.
    did you now if you plants flowers and water them (really important) they grow and get bigger and golly.


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