Friday, October 9, 2009

nuff said


  1. Now you're talking. Grayson did apologize however. He apologized to the 40,000 plus Americans who died last year because they had no health insurance. He apologized to the 50 million who can't afford or can't get health insurance. And he apologized for the sorry-ass congress that could give a shit less about the people.
    We need more like him. And he's from Florida! The most knee-jerk regressive state in the nation... except maybe for Texas.

  2. I thought apologies only meant something when they were followed by a change in behaviour... ah, well...

  3. Good one Punch. It is time somebody stood up and layed it down with these fuckers. It just needs to be more frequent and in their sorry faces. Grayson is the man. He makes all the other piss ant pols in Florida look idiotic.

  4. Yes Sir, for a freshman congressman I do like his style. Let's see where he is in ten years. Power and authority are the easiest corruptible entities that I can think of.

  5. Whatever side of politics you're on, a document needs to be looked at and either fisked or adopted. That's what Congress is for.

  6. Unfortunately, this kind of simple language is the only thing most people understand in this soundbite society we live in. GWB excelled at soundbites, even if it was only because the moron couldn't put two sentences together. Sadly, that's what it takes to communicate with the right wing morons who make up most of the vox populi.

  7. Mr. C... yes he did, and they should be acknowledged.
    Harleguin...If i follow your blog correctly, you work with young minds that deal directly without inuendo, sarcasam, dublaontone (love that word i can't spell) double meaning, and congress is amoung the simplest of mentalities. Please excuse spelling, it is early and i don't really care. (chuckle)
    JadedJ...thank for the lift. Only guy in florida i can't vote for and the one i most reapect. right of course, maybe i'll be happy in ten years that i did not vote for him.
    James...They don't seem to get that part of the equation.


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