Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Fresh Hell


  1. I am not surprised at the double-standard -- the righteous right is even rewriting the Bible so it conforms to their idiology:

    (Parts of that were really scary, though...)

  2. Bro...I was having a nice Sunday...and then I just HAD to come over here and see what my man had posted. This is pissing me off majorly.n It makes me want to ask God to smite them all down...or at least consider the salt thing.

    I do have a question, and an observation: Who is this twit Andrea Tantaros? Isn't a Tantaros a spider, or some such? Oh, and by her own words, she's "not a religious authority or anything". Yep.

    John (Jon?) (Loo?) Voight. Yes, well there's a guy headed south in the northbound lane. Hey Jon (John, Juan, Loo) Russo's dead man. He's not coming back. I mean, a national health care plan could have saved his sleazy ass...know what I mean Jon?

  3. You would think that after a couple of thousand years they could come up with something fresh. You know, something like... a little space man told me.

  4. I will hold my temper and indignation in check simply because these assholes:

    A) Haven't learned an amount of the sacred texts equal to what I have forgotten, nor the context for the pieces they have memorized.

    B) In their foolishness they are such fertile ground for poetry and commentary.

    C) When they enjoin a discussion, debate, or battle trying to defend perfidy using anything from God as a weapon it tends to piss God off and it is never a good thing to piss a being, that could use you for a toothpick, off.

  5. Ditto intelliwench 'scary'. That Voight character looked on the verge of postal funadamentalism at the end there.


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