Wednesday, October 7, 2009

nuff said

Go over to Mr. Charleston's and watch the kids.

These cats are their grand parents.

Well, ya know, back in the day.

Most have done checked out of the Waiting on Jesus Towers.


  1. Odd I was just thinking of Glen Millers "In The Mood"

  2. I've never seen this band but they sure have the boogie. The dancers have some moves. Are they really the grandparents of the kids at Mr. Charleston's?

  3. Good stuff Punch. I believe the dance is the Jitterbug, but I don't know the difference between the Jitterbug and boogie woogie, if any. Anyway, it's all good.

  4. WalkingM... he was just going out of style.
    PeachT...they were something else. I should have said the spiritual grandparents.
    Mr. is all good back in the day when dancing was really something.

  5. Good find P.

    Mr. C, FYI, Boogie Woogie was the music and Jitterbug was the dance to Boogie Woogie. The dancers were called Jitterbuggers. Cab Calloway made the term famous, although he didn't coin it.

  6. dancing is always something!!-- but, man, those guys can dance... sweet.

  7. JadedJ...thanks for the input. we old cats love watching it all come back around.
    Harlequin...Yeah Buddy. let it all hang out. Risk management would s*** a brick seeing that going on in their venue.


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