Friday, October 23, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Soooo Like JadedJ gave me an award a while back and I just now picked it up. Pretty Cool Huh?

Thanks JJ Did not realize I was such a fine blogger.
I feel like dancing all night, let's burn the barn down

How 'bout a little more bluegrass.
Blue Yodel #8 Bill Monroe never had it so good.


  1. well, who knew, indeed.... actually, I think you're a fine blogger!

    .... I could have danced all night ... and still have begged for more...

  2. I personally would need a nude picture of you posted on your blog (*ahem* notice I said YOUR)before I could decide if you are a fine blogger or not.

    Monroe was a bad ass, but he sure can sang.

  3. Ya actually needed an award to let ya know whadda fine blogger ya are?

    Hell, *I* coulda told ya that, Punch...and I woulda done it for nuthin', too!

  4. Harlequin...thanks and I would have danced all night if you had been there. quickly they forget.
    WalkingM...yes i noticed right a way, and backed up quickly.
    JadedJ...maybe a good idea would be more fun than an award.
    MeanDonnaJ...thanks sweetie. knowing you are in the world is reward enough. Glad you are back with your compter blues receding.


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