Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 9

I can't believe you are still here.
Thank you for your patience and comments.
This is beginning to approach a compulsion.
To Witt:

 I had been there 3 days before I realized why there was so much 
Jimi Hendrix Stuff.
Felt stupid.
Till I went by the bronze Jimi Hendrix statue.
Damn did not even stop the car!
Let's go eat.
'That Is It?'

 An Absurd place for a Theatre.
ya know, if you asked me.

 Finally something calming.  
I looked at it for about 10min.

so like this 
like big time redneck architect goes to like Seattle.
and goes all like
"Just what the Hayeelllluh is thatuhhht, contraption sahpose ta do!"


A little house cleaning.
This is the photograph I spoke of, the sign pointing toward the 
Center of the Universe.
If you look close you will see that Lenin is just a block away.
Well, like, not Lenin but like, a bronze likeness of like, what they like, think he looked like.


  1. Damn, son...I'm still pondering part 4. So...up front...we all are fans of your are the man. Therefore, let me skip that part and move on to comments regards individual pieces...and your comments...herewith (I love that word...herewith. A fitting companion

    Numero 1 and 2...don't beat up on yourself...not everyone knows that Hendrix had a tee shirt shop in Seattle.


    No. four...adsurp.

    5...I dated Naughty Nellie. She was known as Nervous Nellie when I met her. Just sayin.

    Num. 6 threw 8...Just damned nice photos.

    "...Number 9...number 9 Who's to know? Who wants to know?" I'm thinking the calming effect was due to that funny looking little cig you were smoking. (Think about it...there's a connection here ;)

    Ah so...TEN...Shinto, buddy...think Shinto. It doesn't have to DO a damned thing. It just is.

    #Rainbow...That guy has a cat. See the bent blind slat? Cat! This is why the windows are partly up...lessens the number of broken slats.

    Number last...Pink? The Center of the Universe And btw, stands to reason...if they have tees of Jimi, they'd have a statue of John Lenin.


    1. In retrospect I should have bought a Jimi shirt. Give it to my girl friend. She'd have a Jimi Simi Shirt. Yeah that's the ticket.

      I truly believe there is at least one grateful sperm in everyone.

      Adsurp? Well that's absurd.

      By the time I met her she was known as Nattering Nellie. Man alive she could talk. Every now and then she'd stop for a breath. She was cute though.


      Number 9, you need a prescription.

      Thanks man that helps. All this time I have believed that form Followed function. Guess in The Big Sea Form is Function. cool.

      I was wondering about that my self. I think you are right. My cat does that. Do you think they put a 'Note to Kitty" in the box with the blind's instructions 'splainin' how to crimp the edge of a slat?
      I read, just recently, that petting your cat might be stressing them out! say what?

      Pink? Pinko? ahhh yes those were the days. BTW; it is Vladimir Lenin and John Lennon. One was a Pinko! The other wore Rose Colored Glasses. Got It?
      Just sayin'

      thanks for the sunday morning grin.


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