Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lakeland 102013 Third Part.

More from the Hood.


  1. There's a fellow here in Bubba County (one of our fireworks tycoons, I think) who has one of the newer Jaguars without a hood ornament. Since it doesn't have a cat on the hood, he was afraid nobody would know he's driving a Jag -- so he has the word Jaguar painted on the sides. Classy!

    1. Ego is the only thing that comes to mind.
      Sometimes when I think of having enough money to buy an exotic car I have to stop and think.
      About the Drivers of those cars.
      And then I think 'I do not want to be associated with those people.'
      So I drive a 10 year old car so I can be associated with those people.

    2. You could drive an old beat up exotic car, and be your own person ;-)

  2. Yes'em.

    I Need that car.
    yeah Buddy!

    Just tell me when.

    I have met Ms. Dasiy.

    scout's honor.

  3. '50 Mercury?

    Kaiser Frazer, circa 1952?

    1950 Ford

    30s something Packard?

    '54 Oldswmobile?

    I'm thinking the last one is also an Olds...'57?

    Btw, one for intell...

    Remember ol' man of the people...Columbo drove a beat-to-bejesus-and-shit, 1959 Peugeot convertible. People looked askew at it and took him for granted. Big mistake on their part.

    1. I don't know how I missed leaving a response to this excellent research.
      You are spot on.

    2. Hey JJ - nice hood ornament. I'd consider buying it, but considering my car is 12 years old and not destined to become a classic, I'd best wait.

  4. Sometimes I wonder who sat in the meeting when they decided to make a hood ornament for a car look like a plane. Not that it doesn't look cool, but still.

    @jadedj - I remember that Peugeot!

    1. I wanted that car...and his raincoat...washed, of course.

    2. btw @Pixel - Glad somebody remembers ;-) As I recall, in one episode, the steering wheel came off. Do you remember that?

  5. Well, gee wizz

    I might add that is was Ike's Rocket 88.
    Some know Him as Tina's X.

    According to some.
    The beginning of Rock and Roll.

    How does one pronounce that word.

  6. The only thing that was rocking and rolling was Tina. Beat the shit out of her as I recall.

    Pronounce that word? Enough French table wine and nobody cares how it's pronounced. They count on that, you know.

    1. Well he did have a mean streak.

      But nevertheless he and the Kings of Rhythm did start the wave in 1951.
      Wonder if Olds ever gave him a car?

      Peugeot. PooJoe.
      When they go racing they do quite well.


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