Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 5

The 1st 5th Post
Post Seattle.
Ok, ok, a whole new 'splain'
There is an area in Seattle just under the Pike Street Market, where you can stick gum onto the wall

 and it is like, I mean, 
like really 
like OK.

To Wit:
{Fair Warning This seems to go on for everAfter}

And They? Call Me? 
a RatBastard?

 Joan Jet, your table is ready.

 A & W

 Amoeba (sometimes amÅ“ba or ameba, plural amoebae or amoebas
is a genus of Protozoa consisting of unicellular organisms 
that do not have a definite shape.

 Well, you get it where you can.

 Think I'll call Her.
What to call Her is the Challenge.

 Coins of the Realm.

 Should we Follow?

 Or maybe Lead with a One Eyed Jack?


 I'm still mystified 'bout how I can Future Beauty
from 30 years of Japanese Fashion?

 Ahh You were asking 'bout 30 Japanese years of 
Future Beauty?

 Good piece of information to have.

 Best of all to M&E.
I have to tip my hand.  
See that "Mark (funnysign*)'s Erica!
I give even money that 
one day that, that *
could/would/perhaps/should read,
(And I quote;)
 "Mark VS Erica!"
I pray 
I am wrong.

 See No Gum.  
Just like you asked.

Well, (ahem) that sorta looks like pasties.  Nah that is just

 Wait a Minute?



  1. Look up The Heidelberg Project by Tyree Guyton Jr.

    So far I think he's lost 4 of his houses, 3 to city dozers and 1 (his studio) to fire.

  2. Thanks Walkin' Man. Now I have to fit Detroit into the schedule. Air Fares have gotta be cheap?


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