Monday, October 21, 2013

LakeLand, Florida 102013

Lake Mirror Classic 2013
'They' say hindsight is an exact science.
You take the other night for instance.
You just got to 
read the signs.
On the way to dinner Friday Night.

My 1irst Clue.

 My 2econd Clue.

 My 3hird Clue.
This ahh maybe I'm on the wrong block.

Tell Me!
Well, now that you asked.
Legs are a little thick.

 One of The ahh Rs is missing? 

 Oh Yeah
Just like Cong_ess.

 There it is, Fresco's.
 I tell you what;
That dive had one, 
of the two, 
best pork chops
Have ever had.
Boy Howdy

The Best is yet to come.

(to be continued)


  1. Fresco's also has the best fish tacos.

    Ann Romney stopped there during her husband's presidential campaign and picked out some pastries. I won't hold that against Fresco's, though.

    1. Laughing Out Loud. (ahem) chuckle.
      I will go back.

  2. I always believe the best is yet to come, be it pork chops or other adventures.

    1. Good answer. Life has a way of showing you more and more and mo' bettea all the time.

  3. That there 4ourthy one...she looks like the waitress on skates on the Mel's Drive-In Sign.


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