Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 3

A little bit more  'splanin' to do.
I highly recommend reading the above Below post, first.  
The 1st. 3rd. post.
Post Seattle.
  Some more photos.

 I don't write them I just read them.

 I was lead to believe there would be an Intelligent Wench looking for the likes of me?
It Is Wednesday and all.

 Summer Sam, made his first fortune in Red Hibiscus.
Said some Gypsy Woman told him that was his Fortune.

 Beats Me.

 They can Beat Me.

 Checked Pants, well, ya know, just takes the Apple.

 Nice place to visit.

Hard Rock. Jimi.

 They drink coffee by the bowl.  Or so it seems.

You can't photograph the fragrance.


  1. these are wonderful.... as are the pics from the earlier post.
    the steel tree was interesting.....

    you have an eye..... and a great wit.
    nice posts.

    1. Thank you, Harle'

      for some reason when I see your comments,
      I feel better.

      Thanks again.

  2. Cute doggie - thanks for remembering! Nice pictures, too. I especially like the architecture shots (commenting on the whole series, here, because I can). The gum wall kind of made me nauseous, but that's no fault of yours.

    1. I saw the little guy and you came to mind. He was cool and could care less about me.
      The Architecture of Seattle is outstanding to my mind.
      Know what you mean 'bout the gum. I don't feel badly.
      After looking for a while they begin to become small life forms of short existential existence.
      Yeah Right, gum stuck to a wall.
      Do you think the young students of Seattle practice on the underside of desks in the 3rd grade?


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