Friday, October 4, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 4

The 1st 4th Post.
Post Seattle.

That sounds like...
Muckey Shuckers
Is that where the taste comes from?

 The City Scape is quite well framed.

I saw a photo by Earnst Hass that made me look at things differently.
Like peeling paint.
You have to make time for that.

 The Green version.

 Sans Green.

 Seemed right at the time. 

'When the men on the chess board get up and tell you where to go.
Go Ask Alice.
I think she'll know.


  1. So that is what a real city looks like. Nice to know there still is one or two left.

  2. It really is a fine city.
    Very well maintained.
    Yet it Just takes money. $4 an hour to park at a meter, if you are a dumbass from florida, hehehoho what you thought was gonna be $12 usd jumps to $20 usd, read the fine print (boy) 9% sales tax. more for booze.
    But I would go back.
    Crashing with a friend helped out greatly. Plus a native to lead the tour.

    Marinas for miles, really.
    Ferry boats for islands for $3 bucks round trip. over 62.
    Pretty women.
    great asian food at asian prices.
    (I was lucky the weather was perfect, just what my camera looks for most.)
    Lots going on.


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