Monday, October 7, 2013

Seattle 92013 Part 7.

The 1st 7th Post
Post Seattle...blah, blah, blah
fair waring.

 Can you believe I nearly got my ass kicked over this photography.
NO Kidding Here, Boy!
hum sorry, 
ya know boss, I'm just passing through.
Won't be back this way.
Somehow the Walking Man comes to mind right now.

 This is for my Brother-in-Law.
It was a nice day.  Took the ferry over to Orcas Island.
Got to drive the two lane blacktop roads at speed.
Yeah Buddy hit don't get no better.

 See what I said?

 Damn it to hell~!
 Angels have a shelf life. 

I'm screwed.

 I would not touch that with a 10' Pole.  
(Most likely take 15' for here)

Talking 'bout Poles?

 Well, the door was standing open.
For Crying out loud.

 Now I ask You!
If that ain't tits,
 Well Baby;

"Grits ain't grocery
Eggs ain't poultry
and Mona Lisa was a man"


  1. No smart ass remarks for a change from me. These are very nice, punch. Seriously. 5 star!

    1. Thanks Bro. I know that took a lot of self control.
      Thank you for the nice thoughts.

  2. BTW...I especially like the stairway.

    1. Me Too. I was tempted to go in. It seemed to be open to the public.
      Oh well.

  3. Gehry sure does like his metal tits. Closed in stairwells are, to me, more interesting than ones wide open. I try not to trespass when I'm shooting, that's what a telephoto lens is for, but I have walked up juuuust close enough to get a shot. I like these. .

    1. Thank you Doug for the compliment. I have another group of photos of the Gehry to post. I spent almost two hours wandering at the base of this building.
      The drive-in movie screen was just around the edge of a fence and I had stepped inside the gate about 5'. Took the photo and went back to the car and Tuff had shown up for work.
      Mea Culpa.

    2. Oh, I, ahuhh, forgot to, ahuuuu say there was a ahhu, yaknow, a ahuuuuu, sign, ahyuyyuu Like? on the Gate!
      I'll give you one free guess what That sign said.

  4. Dang, just getting caught up on all of these. Like em all except maybe the bubble gum. Great photography, revolting subject. I guess that's the ultimate work of art, right? Push/pull, love/hate.

    1. I know what you mean about the gum.
      Thank you for the kind words.


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