Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

I got a Leggo set for Christmas. Scary.


  1. hey... everybody's gotta eat!

    careful you don't get any peanut butter on dem dere leggos young fella

  2. Jeff Vader just knew that you needed a tray, either that or the kids think you're reverting back to youth and they are preparing you to play, or the wife thought you needed some distraction for you hands.

  3. Jon...thanks for the heads up, don't want Jeff pissed at me.
    Walkin' Man... all of the above.

  4. Ho hum. I guess I had better get off my ass and start visiting my blog buddies. And here I am, in the Death Star Canteen face to face with Jeff Vader. "Keep it moving," I say. Wham! He whips out his light sabre and cuts my ear off! Muthafucker!

  5. Vincent would be proud??
    or is it Biblical? and ear for an ear.
    Jeff Vader whips out his Light Saber.
    and cuts off... I don't even care to listen.

  6. peanut butter is the least of your worries.... and as far as leggo is concerned, never trust a child under 10.... or over 10! ( unless you're the child...)

  7. Harlequin... I always, pray to see your post;
    that child part and the math;
    really makes me run for cover!
    You are a Saint.
    (no kidding)
    These Creeps are my friends. (don't turn you back on JJ.

    Happy new year and may God bless and keep you always,
    May your wishes all come true
    and may you stay forever young.

  8. I guess it's better than getting an Erector Set?

    Happy New Year, Punch!

  9. Funny more than Scarry
    I wanna play!
    Congrats man!

  10. Erector set, yeah buddy, has a hole new meaning these days.
    Happy Best of all to you and Yours
    Mariana... please come play any time.
    It's ok I did not get an Erector set. (bummer)
    Please come again. Damn even that is tainted, I'm resolved to have a great 2010.

  11. Har har har (at intell's comment...not your's).

    You need to lego of this bad erector set joke. Oh, and merry xmas, like that there.

  12. Happy New Year Punch. Big hugs. I've missed you but well life gets in the way.

  13. How the hell did I fail to stop by 'n wish ya all the normal holiday/yuletide/xmas greetin's, Punch? I really must be losin' it, 'n quick too. However, about 7.9 seconds ago tonite outta the g'darn blue ya suddenly just popped into my head 'n that's when it all hit me that I've been a baaaaaad girl. So please forgive me. Or spank me. Whichever. But just know that I'm thinkin' of ya......

  14. Peach T...Thank you I've been caught with family, very nice. I read your blog each post but you have soooo very many readers that it has all be said by the time I get there and only rude comments come to mind with a Brizialian Wax Job.
    Happy Best of 2010.

    MeanDonnaJ...That is so meanful coming from you. For a person to think of another in a quite moment is the height of connectedness. Peace and Love and Light and kick some asshole for me, without fully understanding why. (well they just fuckin' needed it)
    May 2010 be the best year so far.
    JJ...a bad joke is better that no joke.

  15. Lego! Your lucky I got an egg that opens and has a pottery cat inside.
    Darth should take more care that canteen food can really give you a nasty scold and drip down your cloak.

  16. Hey, btw did you happen to notice that the year thing changed the other day? You know, from 2009 to 2010, or was there a time limit on this blog? You also need to lego of the old year. I'M GETTING TIRED OF COMING OVER HERE AND FINDING THE SAME POST!

  17. Well, I finally wandered over here and liked Lego Vader so much I posted it on facebook so my friends would find me clever.

    When Velvet was little, we frequently had Death by Lego at our house. It occurs when you blindly step on the little pieces with bare feet when you're half asleep. Hurts like billy hell.

  18. Pen...Death by Lego is not a bad way to go these days. Thanks for stoping by.


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