Friday, January 8, 2010

What Fresh Hell?

Well this one is to help calm JadedJ.

What a piece of work. Go see his site, colder than a witches tit out there where his from, and I'm in sunny Florida.
Take another look at the weather map. Florida has Frost and it's costing farmers Jack.
He ain't just Nippin', his chuggin'.
I have this Fat Daddy Buick, fine ride, 22 mpg 'round town.
Smooth until the A/C goes out. Damn, I thought it was the Serpentine belt.
Yeah that plus the A/C compressor and the Receiver/Drier and the Orifice tube?
Say What?? and Refrigerant (not kidding) coldest night of the past 2 months and they sell me Refrigerant.
And, AND i PAY for it.

This is the greatest country in the world.

Maybe, a photograph.


  1. so you are not really mechanically inclined then eh?

    Let me guess ohhhh roughly $1200 parts and labor. You know that is one of the reasons they went to a serpentine belt was because you'd have to fix the things driven by the belt instead of rolling down the window.

  2. Walkin' do know your smoke. Might get one of the fans for the dashboard.

  3. Waaa, waaaaaa, waaaaaaa.

    If your cheap ass hadn't bought that thing after it sat in a cane field all those years, maybe you wouldn't be having the serpent problem. BTW-did you ever get rid of the palmetto bugs? (For those of you who live north of the Fla/Ga line, that would be roaches...BIG roaches...BIG roaches that stink when you smush 'em). Maybe the refrigerant will take care of them.

  4. Our family ride was a 37 buick sedan until about 1975, it was the bane of my childhood that car, the shame.

  5. JadedJ...
    Number one thing-it was not a cane field, it was a palmetto scrub. Hence the P bugs.
    Number two thing-there is great confusion about roaches and palmetto bugs. P. bugs stink when stomped (the only way to smush'em) roaches click their feet when stomped, giving a false sense of completion.
    Number three thing-yes i got rid of the P. bugs.
    Number four thing-the fuckin' roaches will be here after we are gone. (*&^%$%#
    Lou...It is often late in life that we learn the richness of our childhood. That Buick, in that same condition, could win honors at Concours de' Elegance Amelia Island, this year.

  6. never mind all that --- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I guess you are beholding one idiosyncratic Buick


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