Friday, January 22, 2010

Nuff said


  1. Har! Beautiful! Stick that in your bippie Robertson! Good one Punch.

  2. OK, OK. I totally agree that Pat Robertson is a charlatan.... but... there is ample proof that voodooism does breed regressive cultures. It stems from slavery and the civil disobediance of not working. An attitude that gainful employment is a bad thing. Voodoo is endemic in Haitian culture and if anyone thinks it, vodoo, is somehow cool, well...

  3. thanks for this well aimed and well deserved dig.

  4. C, you doll is ready...where should we ship it? Oh, and do you have your own pins, or will you be needing some of those as well?

  5. My grandmother was raised very holy roller and had always suffered with chronic illnesses her whole life. As a result, she believed that if she gave money to all of these charlatans, then God would heal her. It sounds selfish, but to her, based on how she had been raised, pure faith alone and support to God's church could eventually produce health.

    I think she went to her grave believing that her faith wasn't strong enough for her to be rid of the diseases that eventually took her life.

  6. JadedJ...Thanks for the positive thougts.
    Mr. C...what am I to do with you? You seems to be so, ummm so, intergrated into the community of human beings.... but... there is ample proof the (W)hoodoo works. It stems from ideological slavery to a political party line, and civil disobediance of working to steal from the poor. An Attitude that a moral government is a bad thing. (W)h00d00'$ endemic in American culture and if anyone thinks it, (W)hoodoo is somehow patriotic, well...
    Harlequin...You, are, so very welcome.
    JadedJ...don't worry about the pins, I'll send him a few silver pins, (stirling) with the T heads, make sure the Christians feel sanctified.
    Comrade Kevin...I was raised up Southern Baptist.
    Biggest church in town, yeah Buddy, (and don't you forget it) for the record the Southern Baptists have moved away from me, not the otherway around. Hell, I thought my Mamma was a better example of love, than my daddy, and now those son's of bitches (the irony is laughable, if I could just get this tear out of my eye) would make her walk 3 feet in back of him. Kiss my ass.
    My grandmother was like yours, at the end, she would send money to Oral Roberts. It broke my heart, but I could not do anything, other than support her belief system.
    I am so very saddened that superstition prevents modern medicine from moving forward with all speed.

  7. This is how you combat stupidity, with knowledge.

  8. Yeah WM. In the case of Punch and JJ, knowledge of stupidity.

  9. Never waste jealousy on a real man: it is the imaginary man that supplants us all in the long run.
    George Bernard Shaw

  10. Correctomento C. Punch and I definitely know the "S" type when we sees them.


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