Monday, January 25, 2010

What Fresh Hell?

Now this is a photograph I made this afternoon. I came home and just could not leave it alone.
There is a madness that is rampant in the nation. I don't know where it comes from and don't care where it goes, just get the hell away from me. If you don't I will.
I am worried for the good of my native soil, for the second time in my life.
It is the Money that drive$ all of the Bu$'s engines.

Anyway let's just all have a good chuckle for old time sake.

ya know back in the day when everyone knew what the back of the bu$ was for.


  1. What's funniest is that the shit is on a Japanese vehicle. Way to speak up for Nationalism.

    Punch they come from the root of fear grown by them who are also fearful. The difference is the sheep are fraught with fear for a way of life they are told is going away but them who so idly use them by telling them this are afraid of losing their own wealth and ego masturbation.

  2. Is that Glen Beck in blackface and pasted on a tag that reads UKKK porn corps? This is either the most fucked-up moron on earth, which is entirely possible in South Florida, or the greatest satire on the road.

  3. Wake up America, indeed.

    I hope those dings in the back bumper are from sensible but irate citizens bashing into that van. I don't think I could control myself if I saw that on the road in front of me....

  4. I am surprised that the State of Florida would let them have that tag. As much as I bad mouth Nebraska, that would not be allowed. A state trooper here was fired for joining the KKK.

    These are lemmings being lead to the slaughter. Unfortunately they are taking us down with them...if we let them.

    It's THIS America that needs to wake up.

  5. Walking Man...I liked the Japanese car also. There is a smugness to these folks that is beyond anything I could have imagined.

    Mr. Carleston...the satire is mine. Photoshop is fantastic for creating fantastic images. When I realized I could give Glen boy a black face I had to slap myself.

    inteli...chuckle I was wondering about the dings myself. I concure with your impulse.

    Jadedj...I heard about the trooper and wanted to raz you about it but could not figure out how. Lemmings is the right word, yet I don't know if they have the capacity to wake up. A long while ago I come to the realization that I was an outsider. Time has proven me right and somedays I seem even more isolated. Not in a bad way, but an understanding.

    I had a kickin' good time reworking the photo. These people make my want to get up and scream!!

  6. The trooper was recently vindicated by the state supremes court. Can't fire his sorry ass.

  7. You know that fence you want to build around that pit bull? I want to build it around Nebraska. State's nuts.

  8. I like your sarcasm and your ingenuity with the images.... the only down side to sarcasm is that it is lost on people too stupid to understand it, much less appreciate it; at least you can be comforted that it is understood and appreciated here. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. Just saying "hi"

    re: merry pranksters
    I read Electric Koolaid Acid Test over and over and over again when I was 15 years old. Wished I could be Gretchen Fetchin Queen of the Swamp.

  10. Harlequin...thank you so very much for the kind words of encourgement. Sarcasm is a two edged sword. I was sitting around the table, with friends, one afternoon while their children ran in and out of the kitchen screen door, (spring loaded) one moment a child ran out the door and let it slam (god I love that part of life) the mother yelled to the youngen' "that's right slam the door!" I had to laugh, and then try to back out of the foxpass by trying to 'splain that she had just instructed them to 'slam the door'. Indeed sarcasm is wasted on the stupid and will bite you with the young. God Bless little children.

    Penolan...thank you for stopping by. I visit your site and enjoy it. I don't comment because I'm not sure how to word it and all. I tend to annoy people who don't know me, what with my sarcasm and all. I read Electric Koolaid when I was attending the Univ. of Florida, must have been 19 or so, it had just be published, I then read Radical Chic & MauMauing the FlackCatchers. Then the 'Pumphouse gang' and (this i read just 'cause of the title) 'The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flack Streamlined Baby' Then I had to get back to studying to pass.
    BTW. that photo of you is hot. Quite a Fetchin Gretchen.

  11. Punch, you're making me blush.
    Sarcasm is tricky when you're writing - and some women will take everything very seriously ;)

  12. PENo...well in this case it was not sarcasm.


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