Sunday, January 17, 2010

Merry Pranksters

I went to the County Fair evening last.

Caught a photo of the Bus that I'm seem to get on everynow and again.


  1. And God said, "build me a four-wheeled vessel, 3 cubits wide by 12 cubits long by 3.5 cubits high, paint it yellow and fill it with pairs of pranksters, 2 by 2, both clean and unclean...but leave thou Punch behind, except on Monday, the day of reckoning and humility".

    It's all written and foretold.

  2. Is that Mr. Charleston driving? Has he been drinking or smoking?

  3. That giraffe needs to be careful, there's a good reason why your mum and dad tell you not to stick your head out of the window on the motorway. Believe me I know.

  4. walkingman, not to horn in on Punch's right of ownership of comments on this here bloggy, you should know that is not Mr. C. Mr. C never smiles. I think it has something to do with the 19 missing teeth...not to mention his disposition. Just saying.

  5. Yes indeed that is Mr. C at the wheel, right after winning the Yulee 500. BTW, that's JadedJabber as a not so disguised monkey.

  6. well, life is never dull.... you hang out with such intriguing companions!

  7. JadedJ...You know scripture well!
    Turns out when the driver stopped for a smoke break, the jackass in the back of the bus, helped me to slip onto the ride. I really don't mind sitting in the back of the bus, that is where the fun is. Oh by the way, it was a monday, just like you predicted.
    Walking Man... Seems like he was having a smoke over in the "ya'll come back" saloon. I later found out that the name comes from a local prayer offered up after every bus, that stops, leaves. I think it has more to do with metaphysics, than wanting more customers.
    Ps: that is why the Jackass could get me on, so very easely.
    Kerrie...When I hear a person say "believe me I know" I have learned to listen. Hope it was not too traumatic.
    JadedJ...for the record, there is no ownership of comments on this blog.
    It is not only the missing teeth that keeps him from smilin', seems maybe his attitude has a lot to do with the fact they are missing, just as you suspected. That there, Boy needs to learn to smile, pretty like.
    Btw, they would not let him in the 'ya come back' saloon. If I heard it right when, the monkey, giraffe, and jackass were talking to Blondie, I believe someone said, the bouncer at the door called the manager and said something to the effect "damn he came back!, what now" they, then realized i was listening. Anyway by then I was on the bus and very quickly, learned to NOT look out the windows.
    Mr. C...It is a joy to see someone step up the the plate these days and say, yeah, Brother, that was me, driving that bus. BTW, JadedJabber is the navigator that kept you on the road to perdition, 'cause even though i was not looking out the window, I saw JadedJabber three (3) times take the wheel (while having to fight with you) as you tried to turn down once (1) the road to sloth, once (1) the road to hell and once (1) the road to rio (oh and on that turn you were swearing that Dorothy Lamour had lifted her skirt to show you her legs) We, on the bus are so very happy it turned out well that day, what with you sitting next to JJ. really play a great monkey, even if the rug is a bad fit.
    Harlequin...the good news, you are one of them. (BTW are you blonde?)


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