Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Stale Hell, is this?

Mr. Robert Johnson gave us all good advice, way back in the day.

Come on in my Kitchen, 'bound to be rainin' outside.

Think I'll cook an 8 pound roast.

Yeah, keep the gas burnin' on for a couple of hours.

Open up the oven when it's done and all.

Hell, maybe go drive the car, with the new heater, to the store, and all, yeah,

find out where the best roast is at,

maybe the one out by the interstate,

look 'round for a wood pile along the way.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


  1. Punch, you a fat boy. Mr. Johnson ain't never seen no eight pound roast, much less ate one. But, iffin I jumps in my auto-mo-bile right away an hauls ass I might be there in time to join ya.

  2. Holler when it's ready. I'm tired-a cookin' for these young'uns.

    (And can somebody please tell me what Diddy-Wah-Diddy means?)

  3. Intell, please, this is a family blog.

  4. I'm thinking that there veehickel of Punch's also has a cupel gallons of 'shine in the rear end...for marinating purposes, of course.

  5. the south son. If yo car don't run shine, what good is it?

    Intelli...I'll sure let you know, 'bout supper and all.
    Now that Diddy-Wah-Diddy thing, don't recall ever hearing that phrase. But I do know about Doo-Wha-Didddy. Yessiree.
    I Believe Bob Wills brought it to light.

    Did I tell you about the place called Doo-wah-diddy
    But it ain't no town and it ain't no city
    It's awful small but it's mighty pretty

  6. Nosirree, this is how it goes...

    Now there's a great big mystery
    an it sure does worry me
    it's the Diddy Wa Diddy, the Diddy Wa Diddy
    Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means

    I went out and walked around
    Somebody yelled "Look whose in town"
    It's Mr. Diddy Wa Diddy, Mr. Diddy Wa Diddy
    Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means

    Some little girl 'bout four foot four
    Said, sick em on papa an give me some more
    of that Diddy Wa Diddy, The Diddy Wa Diddy
    Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means

    Now I went to church put my hat on the seat
    Some girl she sat on it said you sure is sweet
    Mr. Diddy Wa Diddy, Mr. Diddy Wa Diddy
    Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means

    I said sister I'll soon be gone
    just give me that thing that you're sittin on
    my Diddy Wa Diddy, yes the Diddy Wa Diddy
    Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wa Diddy means.

    Then I got put out of church
    cause of talkin bout the Diddy Wa Diddy
    too much
    Mr. Diddy Wa Diddy, yes the Diddy Wa Diddy
    Oh won't somebody tell me what the Diddy Wa Diddy means

  7. Sing it, Mr. C! (But you still didn't tell me what it means :-)

  8. Why it's... that thang that you're sittin on, honey.

  9. From someone who grew up mostly on fish and mystery meat( in a can, no less ) I just can't imagine a piece of meat that big, and I am speaking literally, here, about the meat I mean.

  10. Lordy you boys...and I didn't mean go on...and on...and on.

    Intell, for your information, originally the term was the name of a town in the song "That's What I Like About the South" sung by Phil Harris in 1947. Don't know if he coined it, but he was the first to sing about it.

    Let these clowns get back in their serpentine circus car and sit on THEIR "thangs", and leave the real info to the big dawgs.

  11. Phil Harris and That's What I like About the South? What a crock. Where did you get that JJ, from Wiki? Don't listen to that BS Intelli, this song goes way back to the Mississippi minstrels.

  12. So what do i have to bring my own dinner ware? That roast should be smoked by now damn it.

  13. Touchy C. Goodness gracious. Chill out duuuuuude. And who the deuce is Wiki? That one of your imaginary friends, you know like the other one, the one you keep down in the basement?

  14. Ok folks, I'm just 'bout havin' too much fun.

    "There ain't a whole lot of things I haven't done but I ain't never had too much fun."

    Walkin' Man...You got that right. Take that there fork and put it in the roast, it's damn near toast.
    Sooo let's back up here.
    When we last saw our hero he, (doin' his best james dean) had defined 'do wah diddy'
    Turns out Mr. C had to 'splane it to all Ya'll.
    Seems like Intelli rose to the bait, but, (check me out on this) I believe she asked him to sing and then, THEN! reminded him that he still had not told her what it meant.
    Thank god he did not sing. (Mr. C, not god)
    But he did tolded her what it meant. At which point Walking Man, asked "Is it done yet?" (see above)

    This is the moment in time when Harlequin got on board this bus of the Merry Pranksters and indicated she could not imagine a piece of meat that big, (duck for cover) then she said she was speaking literally, about the meat. (too late)
    JadedJ... Picked up on the Roy (don't toy with my joy, what with a bucket of balls...) and he then continues on to try to help Intelli understand the origins of 'Do Wha Diddy' and Mr. Phil Harris. Fair enough (by the way the Fair opened yesterday here in South Florida), but then HE (f****N' He) goes on to trash the serpentine circus car, (makes me want to take off my belt, and look for trouble (but i digress))
    And, AND, and THEN, he kicks the big dogs (f*****G SleePinG on the porch) on his way out the door.
    I'm hiding under the porch, 'cause Mr. C is on it like a Blue Tick hound on a dirty shirt, you can hear the bayin' howl for a mile across the river, damn near, had all the hounds up and howlin', bayin', barkin' at the moon and any thing that moved.
    (son of a bitch, (well, spare me the Irony))
    If anyone hung out with the Mississippi Minstrels, it was that dog Mr. C.
    (This is where Walkin' Man threaten' to use his own dinner ware. (see above))
    JadedJ...Mr. C is very touchy, kinda feelie too, don't get of the porch with him.

    Me I'm pretending like I'm sleepin'.

    (hey you dear Ladies out there, please, Please, PLEASe, do feel welcome, I got the two biggest of these dogs on a leash, that Walkin' one he's hard to get a collar on. But he hunts like a son of a bitch.) (damn there it is again)


  15. All I wanted was nit of are you saying that it's all gone? Shit man I wanted the end piece with all the bark and no bone.

  16. I really should not comment now. BUTTE, I have to say The Walkin' Man is one, I swear he must be the seventh son, of a 7th son.

  17. Soothe yourself and try again next time though let me know when the roast will be ready.


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