Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Been over readin' and all. First Walkin' Man and his earliest memories of his grandfather.
I read that this mornin' and felt a gentle breeze blowin'
past with my grandfather and him taking me fishing,
in a creek just at the end of the block where he and Nancy lived.
Nancy was his wife after my mother's mother passed.
My folks were on vacation and
my brother and sister and
I were with Granddad and Nancy.

There was a fish caught, the record shows
i caught it, but i can't recall it all that well.
Nancy cooked it up, after Granddad showed me how to clean it.

Right then, in the skillet. With grits.
It was a perch? more like a pin fish, bait by most standards,
but we ate it. That was cool. The next day Grandad came in and
said 'hey let go down to where we caught that fish, again. And
we did.

Only this time we saw the sign, 'NO FISHING'.
That we had leaned against that day.
This is a true story,
with Granddad and Nancy as my Witness'

Then I go and have a productive day at work and
come home and
read JadedJ.

With all that cames to mind,
paper in fire was the most prevalent.

With apoligies to John Cougar Mellencamp.


  1. this was a sweet and tender tribute.... very nice, you...

  2. nice post here... and i'm sure that if you ignored the sign that this is where the best fishing is to be found!

  3. I'm glad you grandpa leaned against the sign. It actually served a good purpose in its being. Too damn many no's around the world lately.

  4. Bream. Certain of it. Probably went to the same non-fishing hole with my grandfather. We caught bream. Five bijillion bones in each one. Caught them with cane poles and worms.

    Nice loving post, Punch.

  5. Harlequin...Thank you. that right! Sho got that right.

    Walkin' Man...He was cool. I did not realize how cool, until after he was gone. He stood his ground.
    Learned it as a marine sharp shooter in WWI. Earned a Purple Heart, when they were scarce. I have it in my collection.

    JadedJ...took me years to ever fry a fish again and eat it.

    I give anything to have that back again.

  6. I remember that fishin' hole too. Pissed off of the dock while smoking a J.

    Seriously, sweet story Punch. Sorry I'm been absent. Having internet troubles which are now resolved. However, I did piss off of that dock, bet you did too.

  7. Real sweet, Punch. My corollary would be going shopping (fishing of another sort) with my grandma. If there were such a thing as "No Shopping" signs, Gram woulda ignored them!

  8. Laughing out loud
    Mr. Charleston...I'm with you on the dock thing, but this day it was the bank of the creek.
    Intelliwench...Gram sounds cool.


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