Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Fresh Hell? Reprise

Spare Me!

Some moments are worth revisiting.

Ya Know when the band is Full On, let's boogie with the man.


  1. If you do not understand the Influence of JJ Cale, please excuse my excess.

  2. .... it's OK .... excess is good;and whether or not these adventures are known to me, they are always memorable.. thanks.

  3. Harlequin... you are the first on the bus. Mr. JJ Cale has influenced a host:
    Eric C.
    Mark K. and
    a host of younger players.
    I would like to hear the list of names.

  4. Yesiree. I do understand, but don't know why I should excuse you.

    One who should be on that list that comes to my mind is, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  5. Thanx for this great tune (one o' my personal favorites I might add).

    Now if ya'll excuse me, I'm gonna keep blowin' down the road.......

  6. JadedJ...well, one just had to be there, that evening on ol' Arlington road. Think the joint was called the Poop Deck.
    Loud as hell. 'Bout as crowded.
    MeadDonnaJ...Please, blow back this way, sometime soon.

  7. Ummmm... people influenced by JJ. No, not JadedJabber, the real, bonafide, JJ. Too many to list. The recent album by he and EC is worth having. The Poop Deck? Wow, had forgotten that one. For me it was Applejack's. I believe it was just him, a bass and a drummer. Great stuff.

  8. And boogie I did, Punch. Great way to warm up on this frosty eve!


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