Sunday, December 6, 2009

Max, aka Maxine

One just has to open up and pray.
Ascari never had it so good.
La Virgen smiled.
Call me what you want, but please don't call me late for supper.
(well, ya just had to be there)


  1. I never, NEVER, comment first. It leads to too much heartbreak.

    You are late for supper. Har har har har har har har.

    And for your information:
    Askari is an Arabic, Urdu,Turkish, Somali, Persian, and Swahili word meaning "soldier" (Arabic: عسكري‎ ‘askarī). It was normally used to describe local troops in East Africa, Northeast Africa, and Central Africa serving in the armies of European colonial powers. The designation can however also describe police, gendarmerie and security guards...but not skulls.

    What the hell does this have to do with See through skulls?

  2. Ascari is the last name of Alberto Ascari. Who drove Ferrari to two world championships in '52 and '53. He is the one that launched his Lancia into the harbor at Monaco '54 while racing against Fangio and Moss.
    The red thingie in the front of the photograph is a model of the Ferrari 500 F2 (1953) Der Doppelweltmeister. Hence the reference of the post.
    Thanks for your research about young turks.

  3. Why is the skull ogling the chick? They have a thing going on after hours? I wonder how society would accept their mixed rock children?

  4. Walking Man...nothing gets by you. Well it seems this paticular rock has done research into religion and F1 motor racing. (I believe understand your position on cars and motors) There is a rule in F1 that the slowest cars on the race grid are within a 105% of the fastest. This goes for the women too.
    Being as most preachers, priest, and the like have a wandering eye,he is learning the ropes. So to speak. He also knows if he got the Ferrari the babe was a shoe in.
    Trouble is he bought a single seater. He working on a compromise.
    It involves high maintainance.


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